Don’t Use this Cheat to Break Boards in Karate!

Nothing’s worse than a cheat, eh? And if the guy is cheating in Karate it is ten times worse. So let’s talk about the specific cheats people use when breaking boards. Check out the vide, it is classical Karate application, and then I’ll tell you more about how to cheat, and why you shouldn’t when breaking boards with Karate.

The obvious cheat is using inferior wood. Like Balsa wood.
Another one is to break really thin wood.
The worst cheat however, is to cook the wood before you break it.
You throw it in the oven for a while at a hot temperature, all the moisture dries out, and the thing becomes quite brittle.
And, it becomes easier than sin to break.
Now, what is the point of doing this?
The point is to impress your friends.
So what kind of a person are you if you need to impress people?
You are the kind of person who is low in esteem, and who is searching for a quick fix.
But this kind of fix doesn’t work, so why bother?
Now, if you want to break a board, you pick a number two pine. One without knotholes.
The board should be 12 by 12 and one inch thick. Because the wood has been cut, the measurements will be slightly smaller, but that’s okay.
Now, put the wood across two cinder blocks and break it with a hammer fist.
Once you get over any fear of hurting yourself and realize that all it takes is 100% confidence, it becomes easy, and then you can start to jack up the game.
Try breaking with a fist, then a half fist, and finally, your straight fingers. Take your time, we don’t want any injuries. And do some training, push ups on fingertips, and so on.
Now, you can also break more than one board. Once one board gets easy, try two boards, then three boards, and so on.
And, I would advice that you balance your training with some forms, practice the applications, and don’t get yourself narrowed in on just one thing.
Karate is a tremendous practice, it has much depth, but much width, and the best way to penetrate to the depths is to make sure your study is wide and far reaching.
Don’t treat it like a trick, treat it like the life changing discipline it is. Guaranteed, you will like it a lot better. Now, pop over to Monster Martial Arts and check out Temple Karate. And, for God’s sake, don’t cheat when you are breaking boards!


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