Dog Karate; Karate Work Out!

I need a Karate Work Out.
It’s too hot.
I have it.
The dog!

He (125 pound Lab), has the Kong (bouncey toy).
I sneak up on him.
I close on him.
He runs!
I grab for the tail, but he scoots at my grasp.
I walk the other way. Hmm te dum.
He sneaks up behind me.
I spin and pounce!
He scuttles away, laughing!
I grab kibble, tease him, he goes for it and…I HAVE THE KONG!
I run, him at my heels.
I misdirect him and toss the Kong.
He sniffs and smells,
I grab for him, but he squirts out from under my hands like lightening.
And so I get my Karate work out.
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