The Ninth Paragraph, the Secrets of the Universe, or What I learned from the Martial Arts

I decided to write what I learned from the martial arts over the last forty-five years, but I had to set up conditions to make it fun. I decided to write three sentences to a paragraph, with only eight paragraphs (with a front and back paragraph to explain and advertise), and exactly 500 words, and I had to do it in only five minutes, which I think I did because though I didn’t look at the clock only a song and a half played on the radio. MANY PEOPLE MAY NOT LIKE THIS, and even be upset by this, so I urge you to back out if you don’t like it–it isn’t after all, talking about martial arts applications or fighting or anything like that–and tune in later when I’m writing about techniques, forms, fighting drills and experiences, and things like that. That all said, the secrets of the universe, the five hundred words (minus the first and last paragraph) start right now.

Okay, let’s see. Secrets of the universe. I can do that.

You aren’t a body. You are a spirit. You create everything.

You are the center. Everything revolves around you. Everything is manifest from you.

The universe doesn’t reflect on you. You reflect on the universe. You are the cause of everything.

You are Awareness. Awareness can be perceived as light. You are the source of light.

You are one of many sources of light. All the sources of light are part of the Greater Awareness of All that is called God. You are part of God; a piece of infinite is equally infinite; you are God.

Everybody thinks the universe shines on them. But it is they who shine on the universe, which means that the universe is backwards. You aren’t the effect of the universe, the universe is the effect of you.

Everybody who doesn’t believe this is lying. Everybody is lying, and that is why everything is fouled up. Stop lying.

The truth is simple, and people are simple, but because people are stuck in a universe which is backwards they believe that they must not be simple, and so they never knock off the stuff and get down to the basic simplicity of living life in a universe which is totally the effect of anything they even think. There is no evil, as the viewpoint of evil as evil is a judgement made by people stuck in a universe that is backwards, and thus is created massive conflicts, personal and grandiose and on every level from atomic to interstellar, in which people struggle against each other, never giving but lip credence to the fact that they are, as slices of awareness, beholding to the Greater Awareness, and to each other, and never will peace be made until man stops stopping man, which is a manifestation of attempting to halt the motion of something that is backwards and totally confusing and appears to be the opposite of what they think in their hardest and harshest thoughts, which thoughts are really a backwards response to a universe that seems to be doing the opposite to what they wish when it is actually just doing what they want but what they want is backwards and nothing ever seems to make sense. Now, I have told you the truth, but it won’t make any difference, because even as I have laid it out for you in the first eight paragraphs, you will insist upon arguing over the ninth paragraph and wondering what I really meant, when all I really was saying was the exact truth without opposites or even contrasts to the real factuality of life in a universe that is simple beyond belief, amongst beings who are simple beyond belief, and there need be nothing but care and compassion in place of all arguments but there will even be an argument over this simple statement because, let’s face it, you don’t know any better, and I’m sorry for that.

Drop by Monster Martial Arts if you want to learn some real martial arts. The secrets of the universe will be manifest through hard work, integrity beyond belief, and more fun than a barrel of King Kongs could have.


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