There Is No Martial Arts Bible

Isn’t that interesting? There is no scripture concerning war, there is no scripture that tells you the way.
Here’s a video with some high level martial arts on it: the projection of chi beyond the body.

People just say, ‘Do you forms! Do your Kata!’ And people are suppsoed to figure it all out from just that.
Well, one in a million million will. The others will translate the martial arts as mere exercise, or combat. And the few who do make it, because they were encouraged to do, not think, will not be able to relate their experiences, or hint at a method for achieving the final goal of the martial arts. Simply, they were encouraged to remain ignorant.
So there are only a few worthwhile books, most of them are technique oriented, and none actually delve into what happens with the mind and the spirit, except in the mystical of terms. Mystical means somebody doesn’t understand, can’t organize his thought, can’t put his thoughts down in concrete form (as on paper), and his students are stuck with…whatever.
Interesting, I have been pushing Monkeyland for several years now, and there have only been a half dozen people who asked what it was, who didn’t want to remain ignorant, who decided to get to the heart of it all.No, there’s no bible, but I have provided scripture. It takes discipline, hard work, and the desire to actually know what is happening.
Thus, it is obvious that Monkeyland is for the pure of heart.
Drop by Monkeyland, or, if you’re not ready, drop by Monster Martial Arts, and start preparing yourself. A little discipline will go a long way in this sordid world. Grin.

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