Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Ninjitsu Or Whatever–You Must See The Thought Before The Action In The Martial Arts

In the Martial Arts You Must See the Thought Before the Action

It doesn’t matter which art you study, Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo or whatever, you must be able to perceive the thought behind any attack. I have written about this subject since my first articles in the martial arts magazines over thirty years ago. I find it weird that nobody else writes about it.

I originally described this idea by analogizing somebody driving down a street. Drive down that street enough time, and you start to know where the kids are playing, where the lights turn, and so on. In the martial arts, do the forms application enough times, and you know what it means when the opponent lifts his shoulder, turns his foot, and otherwise sets himself up.

I was working with a class once, and this fellow was watching, and he said, “What if they threw a punch instead?” I’d handled the ‘what if’ character many times, and I told him to throw a punch at me. He half pivoted in my direction.

He dropped his weight, and I knew how he was going to turn, the angle of his strike, everything. And, I experienced a cartoon overlay of him striking me–I saw it happen in a different reality before it happened. And then he stopped his attempt.

He gave up and didn’t even try to punch me. Well, of course. I had perceived the thought behind his attack–I had defeated his thought, and that had pulled the plug on any physical manifestation of the idea.

Over the years I read tales of other people doing this. Foremost among the martial arts stories was the experience of Morihei Ueshiba, who perceived a bullet coming out of the barrel of a gun. He saw the thought before the attack, and so was able to handle that thought.

Why doesn’t this sort of thing happen for everybody? The answer is simple, because everybody is not a die hard fanatic about the martial arts. Or, let me get in your face, you are not a fanatic.

Are you willing to give up education and a high paying career, endure meatloaf instead of steak, spend all your off hours sweating in a training hall with other like minded individuals? Are you willing to spend all your time and money practicing, reading everything ever written on the martial arts, delving into the oddities and weaknesses of your own individual personality? Are you willing to endure starting over again in art after martial art–Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Ninjitsu–then maybe you’ll make it; maybe you’ll actually gain the ability to see the idea before the action.

I should say that learning how to matrix your martial arts will speed up the action. When you Matrix an Art it makes the whole process incredibly logical and simple. Head over on over to Monster Martial Arts to find out about Matrixing.

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