Doing All The Martial Arts…and A Lot More!

chi power

Yoga isn't What You Think!

Let me ask you a question. Why can a child simply bend his knees and run under a table and not have to grunt and groan? There is a reason, you know, and this reason infects the martial arts…and all of life.

Try running under a table yourself…grin. Find some low hanging branches that are as noggin knocking to you as a table is to a child. Run under those limbs without moaning from the weight on your knees and your back and your whole skeletal structure.

Well, the first and most important thing that occurred, that actually caused your body to whine and moan, is that you forgot to laugh and have fun like a child. See, a young child has more brains than you. A child understands how to enjoy life.

Now, to get back to that state of mind where you laugh and have fun and giggle incessantly just because it is fun to giggle incessantly, you should do a couple of things. First, get rid of all the grouches in your area. Second, stop listening to the news, or watching TV, or partaking in the doom and gloom that the media is.

Second, know that you are an eye of awareness in the immense awareness that is All awareness. Since the universe is constructed of a bunch of objects in motion, you have to view your life as an object in motion. You need to discover all the potentials of motion that fell by the wayside when you grew up and became such a, uh, smart person (snicker).

So, first sit in the zen position and and let your imagination run wild. You don’t have to do anything, just lose yourself in your thoughts. Have a good time and realize that you are all you need to entertain you.

Second phase, try learning some yoga. Explore the various postures, and run your thoughts through the potentials of your body. Become aware of where your potential of motion has stopped.

Third, go study some martial arts. Start moving through various drills and exercises, and explore your potentials of motion. Start moving in all the ways that are possible, and know the truth that life is motion, and if you have stopped motion, you have stopped life.

Doing yoga and martial arts and things like that is just a beginning, this is just a start, but it is a good start. This is the beginning of you enjoying your life. This is the end of those habits and situations which stopped you from enjoying life.

Head over to Monster Martial Arts and proceed with this new found zest for living, loving, and the development of you as a Spiritual Being.


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