Alzheimers Takes Toll on Martial Arts instructor!

I see those people in their wheel chairs, lugging cannisters of oxygen around, struggling on their walkers, and, tell the truth, I don’t think they should be allowed behind the wheel of a car. As soon as I see that handicap placard hanging from the mirror I start to worry. Here’s somebody who is slow. Now, I know you think I’m being mean, but I’m a martial arts instructor, and I’m over 60, so let me tell you the truth about these folks, and what really happens when you grow old. Check out the video first, I’m celebrating sixty-one there, and then I’ll tell you about drooling fools.

A small percentage of these handicappers are actually handicapped. They have problems, need a little help, courtesy is appreciated, and so on.
But, the majority of them are lifelong slackers. They smoked, they drank, they never did an ounce of exercise, and now they end up slowing everybody else down.
I’m telling you, don’t think harshly of my words, consider this, instead.
At age 55 I noticed that I couldn’t remember words. I had to think for a moment, then I could figure out the word I was trying to remember. This didn’t slow me down in conversation, it was only in writing a novel or something like that.
Then, I noticed my endurance was slipping. I could still run a marathon, but it was going to take me a while to finish it.
And, I found I couldn’t kick people in the head as easily. I had to settle for kicking them in the body, or lean back a little. So my flexibility was going down.
The big thing, however, was I was losing strength. Unless I got the top position quick, these young guys could actually out wrestle me!
So, are you feeling sorry for me, with all this growing old crap?
Well, don’t. It’s all relative. You see, the other night I took on a couple of guys in karate freestyle and left them winded. I ran them around the mat, struck them at will, and found that though I was as quick as I was, I was still a lot quicker than they were, and they were 19 or 20 years old!
So, Alzheimer’s is a joke if you eat right, don’t some and drink, and here is the important thing…if you train in the martial arts.
Look, training in anything is going to be good, but martial arts training pits you against others, so while you might think you’re getting weaker, relatively, you’re not. And, in fat, as you use some of those tricks you picked up over the years, you find that you’re a little smarter.
So, take two work outs and call me in the morning.And that’s what this old martial arts instructor has to say about that!

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