That Martial Arts Moment in Which You Cure the World

Master instructor

Zen Martial Arts!

We’re gonna cure the world with Martial Arts. Most people would say, ‘yeah, right, in a pig’s eye!’ But the truth of the matter is that there is a moment in which you can solve the world’s ills, fix your friends, and generally just right all the wrongs you can think of. That moment happens in Martial Arts at various times. It usually happens at the end of the work out.
Now, let me go somewhere else for a moment, and then come back to this. I guarantee, it’ll be more understandable if I do it this way.
In Yoga, at the end of the work out, you just lie there, maybe listen to some soft music, and you find your mind drifting, and you’re not even there. Sometimes it’s like you’re not even in your body. That is the moment you want to cure things.
You see, in the discipline, be it yoga or martial arts, you exhaust things, you purify, and when everything is done, when the poisons are on the way out, you are granted a moment of clarity, and in that moment your thoughts can change the world.
This is the secret of all religions, all disciplines, because it is the secret of the human being: good thoughts cure things.
If I want to fix my body, say I’ve got a bad shoulder, at the end of work out I look inside my bad shoulder, then look inside my good shoulder, and go back and forth, and share the good condition of my good shoulder with the bad shoulder. The bad shoulder wants to be good, is searching for a way to be good, and with your thoughts, it is shown the right structure, and so it adheres. You would be shocked at how many body problems I fix with this simple method.
And, it works outside your body, too.
You see, at the end of a work out, you think about the problems of the world, that’s all, lose yourself in them, and you will find that they right. Your thought, cleansed of poison, is always right, and the world wants to adhere to the correct structure that you offer. And your thoughts are that powerful.
Your thoughts go around the world, into the universe, touch all men, and fix everything, if you can get rid of the poison within and just let yourself spiritually roam.
Now, martial arts is especially good for this, because martial arts deals with conflict. If you have learned how to resolve conflict in the base of your thoughts, and then you let those thought wander, the world gets fixed.
The problem of course, is that in the present state of the world, with so many raging type thoughts, it is sometimes difficult. A guy who really knows the martial arts, (or some other discipline) and who is doing this, is still fighting against literally millions of people with mad thoughts.
But, it can be done. Simply get more people to do the martial arts, make sure that the martial arts they do are spiritually resolving, that they create peace, and don’t jack you up.
And do tham to the point wherein you lose yourself, as if reading a good book, in the action and violence.
Purge yourself by work out. That is the way.
Check out my site, Monster Martial Arts, if you want to find the true art that will do what I have described here.

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