Bully Beatdown Great Mixed Martial Arts Show

Close Combat Self Defense

The Art of the Hard Punch!

Funny, I just discovered Bully Beatdown, but it is one fine Mixed Martial Arts show.
The premise is cool, they go look for a bully, they invite him in the ring, and they show him what bullying does.
The announcer is Jason Mayhem Miller, and he is funnieer than…stuff, and he can knock out bullies with the best of them.
I mean, really, have you ever wondered how some of these so called street tough guys would do in the ring against real tough guys? This show answers that question, and then some.
Even if the bully has done some weightlifting or hit the bag a few times, they are nothing when it comes to people who train to fight for a living.
Today Jason hit the bully three times. The first two knocked him down, the last punch knocked him out.
And, what’s sweet, is after it is over, the bully actually apologizes!
Man, it is great Mixed Martial Arts, taken to the extreme, done in a good cause, and lots and lots of fun! And if you want to know how to punch as hard as those guys (and gals) on Bully Beatdown, check out The Punch at my website. Pick up an absolutely free book on the home page.


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