Funny thing About Yoga and the Martial Arts

chi power

Yoga isn't What You Think!

Actually, it’s not just yoga and the martial arts, it’s all these eastern disciplines vs western disciplines.
I went to school, I took Physical Education, and it wasn’t. It wasn’t education, that is.
I learned how to play football and baseball, and I was socially conditioned. That’s right, the intent of PE in schools is to teach you how to get along in society, not to educate you. But you probably knew that.
My first education in the physical came with Karate, and then other martial arts. That’s where I learned how to make the body work, and what my relationship to my body was.
Note that I am speaking as a being who is separate from the body. i am not my body. My body is a vehicle I travel around in. It’s fun.
Now, years later, I am seeking more education with yoga. Sort of sorry I didn’t start the yoga path earlier, just as I was ignorant of the physical before Karate and Kung Fu and so on, I was ignorant of Yoga as a higher form of physical education.
Actually, spiritual education.
But, I would let you think on that, after all, people are ready when they are ready.
The point, however, is that by doing yoga I am extending my martial arts life, and I am extending my life.
I won’t need Obama’s health care, and I will have the strength to fight agaisnt the taxes and fees the government is trying to suppress me with.
This, in itself, is great reason for the eastern disciplines.
With that all said, yoga and the martial arts, check them out at my website, Monster Martial Arts. This viewpoint I am presenting is different than you might see in the classical schools of Karate, and that is because the classical schools of the martial arts have bought into the western think. I’ll talk more about that later.


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