Martial Arts Forums: The Good, The Bad, and the…More Bad!

Opinion Vs The Hard Punch of Facts!

Like most, I have looked at the various martial arts forums. Interestingly, I find a lot of potentail in those forums. I see people trading info, learning things, and making life better.
Unfortunately, the bad in the forums proved too much for me.
First, opinions are rampant. As soon as I see the letters IMO or IMHO (In My Opinion…In My Honest Opinion), I know it is about to get bad.
People who argue with opinions are holding themselves up as authority, but there is no authority without facts.
I don’t mind somebody saying what their opinion is, but there is simple too much opinion. Take a look at a magazine…the editorials are opinions, and people don’t buy the mags for opinions, they buy them for the articles.
That is just one of the unfortunate truths of the internet, everybody gets to be a star if they can shout loud enough.
Speaking of shouting loud enough, that is the second item on my irritation list with martial arts talk boards. Say something unpopular and you are about to be under the dogpile.
Everybody just gathers around and dumps on you. Not much of an actual exchange of data when everybody just wants to cut you down because you said something different.
And, you know, that’s about it.
I don’t want to waste my time reading opinions that have no facts behind them; I wish to talk with intelligent people.
And, I don’t want to waste my time watching (or being under) a dogpile. Mob attacks, bullyism, holding yourself as right by putting somebody else down, there’s just too much of that.
That all said, I find blogs wonderful. I find a good one, I’ll subscribe. I can speak, and know that opinions will be tempered with facts, and the mob isn’t present.
And, if I don’t like it all, I can just not go to that martial arts blog. It sure beats the Martial Arts forums.
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