Karate Used To Stop Zombies From Taking Over The World!

ultimate martial art

Zombie Karate Won't Stop Me!

I saw the Night of the Living Dead way back in the sixtes (I was just starting my study of Kenpo Karate at the time) when it first came out. It was a hoot, lots of fun, but such a thing can never happen, right? Well, fast forward a few decades, and the answer might surprise you.

A series of things happened to convince me that zombies are here, and they actually are taking over the world. First, my son gave me a book, The Zombie Survival Guide. It was another big laugh, but, really, military tactics to defeat zombies?

Then, I took a CERT course at the local hospital to become an emergency responder in case of disaster for the simple reason that that is something a martial artist should do. One of the fellows asked if the course would prepare us for handling zombies. So we’re laughing, but…are other people actually coming across these thoughts?

Then, today I was driving in my car and the car in front of me stopped at a stoplight, had their right turn blinker on, but wouldn’t turn. My first contact with a person who was totally stopped, had succumbed to the world, didn’t have a clue, was in search of brains, had gone totally unconscious while operating a one ton vehicle. The zombies were here.

And, think about it, the school system wants you to shut up and follow directions, your boss wants you to shut up and do your work, the judge doesn’t want you to protest that ticket just pay it, the government wants you to shut up and pay taxes, the drug companies are handing out drugs faster than Timothy Leary can blink, shut up shut up shut up and follow directions. Is this not how you make a zombie? And what I’m going to tell you next is the icing on the cake.

Our farmlands are chemically burned out, welfare is sucking us dry, money is being taken by the fat cats in Washington and by international bankers, and there are other things that are happening. It looks like the government is planning to take advantage of, if not outright cause, massive food shortages. Isn’t a horde of starved people wandering the streets looking for something to eat what a zombie is?

So, we come to the point of this article, what does Karate, or taekwondo or aikido or kung fu or some other martial art, for that matter, have to do with it? Well, people who take karate learn to fight back. They learn that if they stand place and do nothing, then they will end up getting hit. They are not helpless victims.

Sure, you need some education to go along with that, but fighting spirit is what is really important, and Karate builds spirit. So, do you want to survive the coming hordes of zombies, do you want to avoid being on the streets moaning for food, do you want to be able to not just defend yourself in the event of a zombie attack, but actually do something that might stop the world from going zombie? Then, my friend, you better start studying Karate…or taekwondo or kung fu, or something that doesn’t deaden you like school or a job, but wakes you up and makes you stronger and smarter.

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