Hard vs Soft, Internal vs External, and the Fine Line of Martial Arts Balance

It’s funny how people latch on to either the hard or the soft. They argue karate vs tai chi chuan, and most don’t seem to get the idea that they are mirrors of one another; they are two halves of the whole art. They don’t understand that only by working the two against each other will they ever find a true martial arts balance.

This, of course, is far beyond merely cross training in various arts.
This is pushing yourself in one direction until, like a dog barking and then running away, you rebound in the other direction. Push yourself in that direction until, like a rubber band snapping, you spring back in the other direction. And so it goes, you create an actual wave form.
This wave form, going from hard to soft and back and forth, is what liberates you.
By doing the hard to an extreme, you forget about the soft, and when you do go back there is renewal, more insight, a contrast that illuminates you and brings you forward.
Is karate the best? Nah. It’s one tool in the whole of the martial arts.
Is Tai Chi the best? or Aikido or Pa Kua or other of the internal arts?
Nah. They are just one half (less actually) of the whole.
It is only by studying, studying by doing to the exclusion of all else, that you find the truth of opposites…in opposites. And this is the truth fo the Yin Yang.
If you want to find the true balance of the martial arts drop by my website, monster martial arts, and pick up a free book.


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