Martial Arts for the End of the World!

I’ve been reading up on the end of the world, and man is it great stuff. And, it points up the need for hard core martial arts training right now!
First off, immigrants are invading the United States, taking all our medicine, and leaving us with high insurance payments. So, you study the martial arts so you stay healthy, and the hell with the insurance.
Second, China is going to stop lending us money, so we are going to need to go back to work ourselves. We need to be in top physical condition for this so, you guessed it, time to study Shaolin Kung Fu.
Third, because of diseases that are striking crops around the world (we are supposed to get ‘wheat rust’ in two years) there are going to be massive food shortages, which will result in riots. Now, I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to be in a riot I’m going to want to know some Pa Kua Chang, be able to walk through and around those silly rioters.
Four, zombies. You might laugh, but word has it that the international bankers, through the drug companies, are researching ways to starve us into being nothing more than drug consuming zombies, and that hordes of these ‘new citizens’ are going to be walking the streets, eating brains, and listening to Justin Beiber. Hey! It might happen! And if it does, you better know lots of good, old fashionged, knock ’em down Karate.
Now look, there’s some tongue in cheek here, but you also know the world is getting to be a pretty rough place.We’ll survive, we always do, but the people who actually know martial arts will be stronger, be able to last longer, and will be so healthy they laugh at health care. It’s a lifestyle, man, and it works. Anyway, go to Monster Martial Arts and pick up an absolutely free Martial Arts Book telling about the most scientific method of martial arts in the world. Here’s a video of the author ‘playing’ with some friends.

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