The Only Eight Attacks in the Martial Arts

Did you know there are only eight attacks in the Martial Arts?
It’s true. Check out the video and then I’ll tell you about this.

Here are the eight attacks
club attack
sword attack
knife attack
gun attack
spear attack
foot attack
fist attack
Oh, that’s only seven.
Well, in search of an eight I simply have an attack from the rear. Training for an attack from the rear is pretty important.
Now, there are a couple of other oddities, but they are oddities. A guy could aim his car at you, or throw a garbage can at you, and you could expand the list greatly, but those an object incoming is still an object incoming, so why bother classifying it past a certain point, right?
Now, things get simple because a guy with a knife will attack with a knife, and the way he holds it will tell you how he plans to attack with it.
And a guy with a spear will attack a certain way, and a guy with a gun will hold it in a certain position, and so on.
So if you analyze these eight attacks and plan for them, practice techniques for them, then you should be able to handle pretty much anything.
Well, there is a problem.
You see if you practice only one technique, and don’t understand all the options, then that one technique is pretty much worthless.
So you have to have all the techniques, and that’s where Matrixing comes in.
Matrixing doesn’t hold up one technique, it presents all techniques, and when you are sufficiently educated, then you can choose your one technique, and you will know everything you need top know to adapt it, make a variation on it, or whatever.
Now, most systems have lots of techniques, but they don’t have all the techniques, and they don’t have them in the right order, and they don’t lead you to be able to select the one technique that you should really be concentrating on.
That’s the why of Matrixing, to put order in all your arts, to fill in the spaces, and then you will know everything, and you will be able to select the one technqiue from everything that is always going to work.
Without Matrixing…you won’t be able to.
With Matrixing you will be able to isolate and understand the only eight attacks in the martial arts. Check out my website, Monster Martial Arts, if you want to know more about this Matrixing thing.


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