How Many Versions of Sanchin Kata Are There?

Whenever I write about Sanchin Kata I always tellt he story: I had about twenty years of martial arts, a lot of Karate, and I met a fellow who made the statement that ‘If you don’t know Sanchin, then you don’t know Karate.’
Man, was this true.
Check out the video where I use a little Chi, or Ki as they call it in Japan, and then I’ll tell you about it.

I’ve done Sanchin, in many forms, for twenty years since then, and it is totally true.
Sanchin teaches breathing and muscular contraction, but that is only the surface. dig a little deeper and you will find amazing amounts of internal energy. I used this to springboard my studies, and started working all my forms so they would have internal energy.
Mind you, they already had lots of energy, but there are ways of twining the chi (ki) through the body that really open up once you have Sanchin.
And, that brings me to the title of this piece…how many versions of Sanchin are there?
Goju has one, Uechi has one, Shotokan and its offspring all have versions.
And, there are many Chinese versions you don’t hear about. But Sanchin originally came from China, so why not?
At any rate, I always tell people start out slow, grab the ground, and start pump[ing the energy, then start pulsing it, and you’re going to find an amazing amount of internal energy available, and this energy will work its way thorugh all your forms.
If you want more data on this, I wrote a book on it. Check it out at my site, Monster Martial Arts. It is called Matrixing Chi.


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