The Right Way To Learn Martial Arts Freestyle

My favorite part of the martial arts is Karate Fighting. Sadly, nobody knows the best way to do martial arts freestyle. They keep insisting on teaching the stuff that ends up in pain and bruises and body injury.
Check out the video, then I’ll tell you more.

I know, the reason for Karate, or Kenpo or Taekwondo, and martial arts in general, is to hurt somebody, correct? Sorry, it isn’t. If you think that, then you’ve got it wrong…totally and dead wrong.

The real reason is to control an attacker, and modern martial arts freestyle methods do not teach you how to control, only to hurt. Interestingly, I was there when the freestyle scene went bad. Further, there are methods which teach one how to freestyle easily and without the pain within a couple of hours.

In my first lesson in kumite my kenpo sensei beating the stuffings out of me. The theory was that martial arts were a rite of passage, you had to go through pain, that was the only way to get better. While I survived the lesson, and even thrived on it, other students quit, and now you know why so many people quit the martial arts.

Towards the end of my kenpo training the school owner began making us wear (buy) protective gear. Instead of offering protection, however, it just encouraged us to strike each other harder, and we actually suffered more injuries. I quickly realized it was just a way to increase dollars for the dojo.

I then went to a traditional karate training hall, and, with no protective padding, stopped getting all the injuries. I still got a some bruises, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, but no more broken bones. The sensei was teaching us how to control control, not to destroy.

This lesson, the benefits of control over destruction, stuck with me, and when I opened my own training hall I played with all sorts of methods to teach Kumite effectively, without the pain and trauma. And I finally understood a basic truth…people stop perceiving when you strike them. Isn’t that an interesting concept to come to grips with after years of beating people up?

Thus, I teach freestyle in stages, and I use methods which do not close the eyes of the student, but rather opens their awareness. It’s incredibly real and effective, and I guarantee my students will survive on the street better than most. Simply, they haven’t been trained to shut down their perceptions, but rather to open their awareness, and the shocker is that using my methods people can learn Martial Arts freestyle within a couple of hours.

Find out the right way to learn freestyle within a couple of hours! Go to Monster Martial Arts and check out the Three Month Black Belt Course.

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