How to Really Screw Up a Student in Martial Arts Freestyle

What I’m going to say here has to do with Martial Arts Freestyle. Doesn’t matter if it’s karate freestyle, or kenpo or taekwondo or whatever, the teaching methods absolutely suck, and do more harm than good. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you about my method for teaching kumite.

My first kumite lesson in kenpo the instructor told me to raise my hands, to block what I could, and then he proceeded to beat the living crap out of me. WEll, that started the game, and 45 years later I still love to freestyle.
But, most people are just blown right off the mat and out of the school.
Why do you think so many people drop out?
Oh, you disagree? Think about it this way.
You go to college and want to learn about some kind of history. But every time the teacher gives you a piece of data, he punches you. Do you still want to learn history?
And the justification for this is that the martial arts are a ‘rite of passage.’ You have to be tough to defend yourself. You have to get faster. All of which is so much bushwah.
My training methods are different, and I can train somebody to defend himself, about as good as a black belt, and in one hour.
That’s right. One hour.
And I’ve got the proof. I filmed myself taking somebody to Black Belt, and of the over twenty hours of filming we did, only about one hour is spent in freestyle. That’s all.
But I taught my student without brutalizing him, I just gave him data, and the truth of the matter is this: knowledge is more important than beating people up.
Let me repeat that in different words. If you give knowledge without beating your student up, the result is a quick rise to competence.
Well, you can lift your nose and think that your system is different, is better, and that my student isn’t so hot. And, while you’re doing that, make sure you pay three or four years worth of tuition, and get the crap beaten out of you a couple of times a week every week for those three to four years.
Of course, if you want to learn how to be competent without getting beat up, if you want to defend yourself, and really learn martial arts freestyle, whether it is karate or kenpo or taekwondo or whatever, then drop by Monster Martial Art and check out the Black Belt Course. There’s a free book on the home page that explains something of my martial arts methods.

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