The Perfect Size for Karate

A Perfect Karate Body!

Did you know that there is a perfect size for the human body? And that should lead one, of course, to the conclusion that there is a perfect size for the martial arts, and for Karate.
I forget exactly what that size is, but it is somewhere between 5 foot 4 and 5 foot 6. The reason for this is because that is the size where the muscles are in exactly the right proportion to the frame for maximum work output.
Obviously, you could go crazy on this, but it does lead to some interesting conclusions in the martial arts.
For instance, in Okinawa there were several karate systems, the two main ones were Shuri-te, and Shorei-Ryu. NOw, memory fails me as to which was which, but one was for large men, and the other was for small men. The idea here was that small men needed to move around because they didn’t want to deal with power directly, and large men, because they weren’t as mobile, needed to ‘lock down’ their stances and deal with power.
This theory, of course, cannot be considered an absolute. Combat survival just will not allow that type of restrictive viewpoint.
And, having said the last bit of data, and drawing attention to the fact that there are so many sizes and shapes of body, a melting pot approach is necessary, with the proviso that one specializes as one discovers the strengths and weaknesses of his or her body.
Thus, when it comes to the perfect size for karate, the perfect body is what you have, and you need to detail it as you wish, and change your training as your attributes change, and that is the whole of it all. Drop by Monster Martial Arts and pick up a free book. Oh, and the Yogata course listed on that page is a wonderful tool to start sculpting your body and directing it towards the perfect martial art.


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