Yoga for Martial Arts: Fluxing the Vibrational Balance

chi power

Yoga isn't What You Think!

Doing some Yoga the other day. To be precise, I do Yogata, which is ‘The Yoga Kata,’ which is expressly designed for the Martial Arts.
I was doing it, and I kept noticing a bright yellow line running up the center of my chest. Very bright, very warm, and the feeling of good health it imparted was absolutely phenomenal. Oddly, I vaguely recalled feeling something like that before, but not since I was a kid, not since before I started thinking and collecting the memories of what it is like to be a human.
I realized that if you do your postures a certain way, then you end up with this energy line in your body, and it is the way you are supposed to feel. The reason you don’t feel this? It’s because you are trained to use your body the wrong way. Calisthenics without awareness, exercises chopped in half, that sort of thing.
So I tried something
I dichotomized the poses, finding the logical extremes that you bounce back and forth between. This created the hot line in the body. Then I did some of these moves slowly, putting awareness in them.
Man, talk about instant good health. The whole body warmed up, and I could feel all sorts of little things that were wrong with me getting fixed. Little things below the awareness, chipping away at me, yet, with this flux of balanced vibration these little chippers didn’t stand a chance. My whole body was just overwhelmed by the good feeling.
Now, there are several more things to this.
Selecting the correct postures, running your awareness the right way, relaxing the body so as to let the energy happen…and, to be honest, I don’t think I would have seen them if I didn’t know matrixing. I mean, these things are all there, but these guys doing Yoga don’t get it, or they take years, and then aren’t fully explainable.
Mysticism, it’ll kill ya, or at least slow you down and rob you of knowledge and awareness and competence and real gains.
But mysticism is nothing but explainable stuff…before it is explained.
Anyway, I’m moving fast with this stuff, got a lot more to figure out, but it’s probably time for another book.
If you’re interested in the Yoga (Yogata) that I’m doing, head on over to Monster Martial Arts.


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