Martial Arts Health

Okay, Martial Arts Health, what you should eat and why.
I havent’ said much about this, and that because there is so much bushwah out there about what you should eat that I really didn’t want to join the corps of the kooks. So check out the video, I am over sixty in it, and then check out my common sense approach to eating.

Here’s the real plan, and you will find that it changes your body and supercharges your martial art. I don’t care if you practice hard arts like Karate, taekwondo, or whatever, or soft arts like Aikido or tai chi chuan or whatever, this is the straight goods.
First, you lay a base for the day. Mush. That’s right, good, old oatmeal. Read the box, there are no additives. Horses eat that stuff and they run all day. The body likes it, it sticks through to lunch (easily and beyond), and you can add what you want to it without screwing it up. I like raisins, a dab of honey, a bit of butter, but you can go for cinnamon or guava or brown sugar or whatever.
Second, lunch. Here’s something you might think about. If you stop eating bread you’ll lose 5 to 10 pounds. Quickly. And, the body has a rough time rendering anything that’s synthetic (read the packages and see what has been added. So go for light meat (protein), and vegetables. Soup is great. Play with the different kinds until you find something that works. Don’t go for the canned soup, make it yourself. Read the labels, too many additives.
Third, dinner, light meat, more vegetables. Go easy on pasta or rice or potatoes, sticky with things like carrots, peas, corn, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli, and that sort of thing.
I am advocating the vegetables that your mother likely made, the things that you grew up on, that were present when you were young and your body at its healthiest.
Season with things like garlic and onion, try to avoid salt and sugar.
Now, do you need deer horn antler, ginsing, or all those other fancy things?
Probably not. They are the craze only because people don’t eat their vegetables.
Be careful of eating things that have preservatives, dyes, long chemical names, or have been genetically modified. Look, a watermelon has no seeds, so it can’t reproduce, what do you think is going to happen to you when you eat that? Hello limp dick, good by testosterone. I won’t go conspiracy here, though I should. I’ll just tell you that you aren’t what you eat, but your body does respond to poison…and it responds to healthy choices.
That’s about it, I’ll write a more detailed article some time in the near future, but this should help you out. It should give you good Martial Arts health, enable you to make it through the long work out, and I hope you’ll drop by Monster Martial Arts and find some arts that are true and pure.


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