How To Deal With A Flash Mob Using Karate, Kung Fu Or Kenpo!

People shouting and yelling, the store is in chaos, and fifty teenagers are grabbing everything they can and heading for the doors. Doesn’t happen? It is happening, and in major cities across the United States, and the only solution is to use a little Karate or Kung Fu or Kenpo, or whatever martial art you know, to survive the situation. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you about handling flash mobs.

The flash mob phenomenon is illegal, destructive, against the law, and the mark of a society failing. These are kids, they should be in school, yet they are laughing and stealing and have no sense of responsible behavior. But just because society is failing doesn’t mean that a few well meaning individuals shouldn’t stand up and be counted to stop this kind of behavior.

First, people in these flash mobs don’t usually want to fight, but that doesn’t mean they won’t. These teenagers are a mob, and if they happen to come across an old lady in their way, they won’t hesitate. They will knock her down, steal her money, and laugh on the way to the street.

If you see somebody about to be overwhelmed by a flash mob, it might be time to do a body tackle that knocks them all together and down. This would be the bowling pin method, and it works well. A bunch of kids all tangled up in a pile on the floor may suddenly change their flash mob ideas into wondering what the heck they are doing.

Another tactic, maybe if you see a bunch of kids trying to grab the register, is to push displays into them. Simply grab the display and throw it at the kids. They will go from thinking about the register, to wondering why the world is falling on them.

A tactic which, if enacted on, would end the Flash Mob chronicle going on in todays society, is one you have to be very careful of. After all, you don’t want to be arrested for hurting people. Still, if you find yourself attacked, you might consider this next Martial Arts tactic.

Break one of the mobbers arms or legs. Simply use your martial arts and do some quick damage. Mind you, I am not advocating murder, or damaging someone out of hand, I am simply saying that if you find yourself under attack, a little self defense to break an arm or leg might change the direction of the mob, would definitely protect you, and, think about it, how is little Johnny going to explain a broken arm to his parents?

Gee, Mom, we were knocking over a pharmacy, and when I attacked some guy he broke my arm…it really wasn’t my fault. Do you see the rationale here, and the logical way of breaking budding criminals excitement for riot? Mind you, I am not advocating using Karate, Kung Fu, Kenpo, or any other martial art to indiscriminately hurt people, I am saying you have a second amendment right to protect yourself and your friends and society at large from the criminal behavior of a few criminally acting kids who, with proper guidance, might grow up to be good citizens.

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