The Silence of the Decision…Your Purpose!

Master instructor

Zen Martial Arts!

Speaking of work outs,
let me give you some hard core data
as to how this work out thing works.
To make this point,
let me reference an email I received
from the wonderful Paul Gelvin,
in response to the last newsletter,
and he pointed out that
you need to make a decision
before you can make a plan.
He was right,
and though my intentions were good,
you need to put the horse before the cart.
Here are a few things
you need to know
so you can do that.

don’t make a decision for money.
make a decision to do something you love
and set your plan up
so the money can come.

Money is a symbol for energy.
You need to create the energy
then it can symbolize.

that brings us to the decision proper.
To make a decision you need one thing,
clarity of purpose.
To achieve clarity of purpose you need one thing,
You need space in your mind,
space in your life,
and you need space around the decision you are making.

To draw a direct line…
Karate means ‘empty hands,’
emptiness is…

So when you do karate,
or any real martial art
wherein your opponent is yourself
(your mind chatter
and that which clutters up your purpose
instead of clarifying it)
you are creating space in your mind.
By dedicating yourself to the purity of concentrating on one motion
(at a time)
you cease internal distraction
your mind gets space,
and the chatter and clutter within your thinking process
And you can make a decision.

Look at it this way.
You’re standing in a room
and ten people are screaming at you,
shoving you
pushing you,
and you are just trying to think of an answer,
a solution,
to some problem.
the screaming and yelling get to be too much,
and you scream…
you have space.
A blessed moment of relief in your mind,
so that you can solve your problem.

most of the chatter and clutter and bushwah
going on in your mind
is soft and subtle.
You don’t hear it
so much as feel
things little chipping away at you.
It’s not enough
many times
to feel enough
to respond by yelling shut up.
So how do you stop those soft stoppers
in your head?

You do your form.
You concentrate on the purity of your technique
and in concentrating on one thing
to the point of perfection
you are telling all those small and subtle
pieces of bushwah
going on in your mind
you push back the chatter
and create
A cessation of static
wherein you can actually have a thought
and make
a decision.

make a plan to go with your decision.

here is something nifty,
you have probably already made the decision
or you wouldn’t be gravitating in a direction.
here’s something freaky,
you probably made that decision
before you were born.
Take a look at some of the old zen koans
and teachings.

What were you before you were born?
The same as after you die.

Get it?
There is a purity of spirit here
beyond the bushwah
of day to day living
on planet earth.

I know it sound freaky.
Took me a while to come to grips with this stuff.
But it usually sounds weird
because you’ve been trained not to look in that direction,
to think like that.

The really odd thing is
every single thing in the universe is real
you just have to sort through enough stuff
until you can put the whole puzzle together,
figure out how it fits together,
and understand how it is real.

I’ve told you about making a plan,
making a decision,
and even gotten weird on you.
So let me tell you some cold hard logic.

When you matrix,
you learn to concentrate on one thing,
and you learn how
about ten times faster,
because the logic pulls you forward.
1, 2, 3, 4…what’s next?
That is how matrixing works.
Your mind gears towards the next logical move.
Sometimes it happens like lightening,
matrixing knocks you over
and you are instantly different
in the way you think
in the way you see life.
Sometimes it works slow.
You have to overcome a lifetime of bad habits,
or the connections are a little murky,
or whatever.
But it happens.
You can’t work against the logic of the universe.
Your mind doesn’t want to.

having said that,
let’s say you get a course,
Matrixing Karate,
just because we’re talking about Karate earlier.
you do it,
and you sort of cock your head,
and things are different,
but on a subtle level.
You have just gotten a piece of the picture
and you are different to some degree.
Some people nod knowingly
and go on about their business,
think it’s all over.
it has just begun.
So you get another course,
and you see certain similarities,
something is now pulling you,
you get another course and…
what you are doing is getting different viewpoints of the martial arts,
different observations
having to do with force and flow
trajectory and impact.
Same thing
different methods,
different viewpoints.
I see these people,
and I can spot them a mile away.
They buy a course,
sometimes its a small one,
and a month or two passes,
and they order again,
and then they order
almost regular as clockwork
a course a month.
And I know they are looking at the material,
pouring over it,
examining it,
taking it out on the mat
working with friends,
checking to make sure that this thing is really real.
Sometimes they write me,
sometimes they don’t,
but I can always spot somebody who has started to wake up,
somebody who wants to be a real martial artist.
there are real martial artists out there,
they study one art,
and after a decade or two,
they get it,
they manage to input enough of the same old same old
to figure it out.
There are still gaping holes,
but they have got rid of enough chatter and clutter,
they are able to make a decision,
they have space in their minds.
They are looking at people and the world,
instead of being constantly subdued and diverted
by the subtle chatterings in their minds.

But the alternative to a couple of decades
and a tied together Frankenstein of enlightenment,
is to simple take a few courses.
Start with one,
then get another one,
compare and contrast,
see the different geometries I use,
see how they fit together,
because they do all fit together.

you could study a different art every ten years,
and in forty years or so,
you would probably have a pretty good picture of it all.
you could just get a course a month for a few months,
and still be young,
and not have any gaping holes in your knowledge.

I don’t know
how I managed to make it from creating silence in your mind
to the broader picture,
but I did.
And it’s some pretty important stuff.

Think about it.
Making a decision is the one thing you have to be able to do
to get anywhere in life.
In anything.
Remember EW
in the Three Month Black Belt Course?
He started talking about success
with his achievement.
He’s having so much success now
it’s almost hard to get together for class.
It’s taking longer to do the next course,
because so much is happening.
Life is rearing its head
and success is moving him around
pretty fierce.

It’s a good problem to have.
Too much success.
But it is because I applied the Matrix to him.
It’s on the Three Month Black Belt Course,
and you see see how I just keep feeding him the exercise
until there is no room for extraneous thought.
There is only what he is doing
and that creates
a purity of purpose,
no distractions,
an emptiness inside
wherein you can make decisions.
His decision was success.

What will yours be.

Okey doke.
I’m going to stop pushing here.
I don’t want to push you into a decision,
I just want to present enough data
so you can see the benefit and logic
and jump on board.

you guys continue to work out,
work out hard and fierce,
learn to relax in violence
create silence,
and make decisions.
Here’s an URL

And thanks to Paul for his timely advice.
And thanks to you guys.
God bless you.


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