The Secret of Success in the Martial Arts and Life and Picking Up Girls

Now Here's Some Scientific Martial Arts!

I was teaching Martial Arts the other day, a Monkey Boxing class, and one of the fellows I was teaching wouldn’t stop thinking.
He’d start a technique, then think about it halfway through, slow down, and it wouldn’t work.
“Stop thinking!” I kept saying. But he was determined to keep thinking.
It’s funny, a guy will insist on thinking if it costs him his life, and he doesn’t realize that stopping thinking is the way to complete and utter success.
If you think about a technique, then you don’t know it, and you hesitate and screw it up and all that sort of thing.
But if you don’t think, if you just know it, then you can do it without hesitation, with complete intuition, and it’ll work every time.
The key is to get rid of thinking’ about it.
I was talking to one of the other students, and he has been doing Karate and some other stuff for a while, and he knew exactly what I was talking about. And he grinned and said, ‘If you think you can’t pick up girls.’
Now I’m an old man, I don’t care about that kind of stuff, but I love what he was saying.
Women, you see, are creatures of intuition, they ‘feel’ things. They may lack logic, but that’s because they have this ‘feeling’ thing. Sort of explains all the differences between the sexes, if you get my drift.
Anyway, some guy comes up to a lady, and he is thinking, have distractive thoughts, and he can’t just communicate with her. He’s got stuff happening in his mind, he’s second guessing, and having perversions going on, and all sorts of stuff, and she sees this. It’s like he’s got a big ‘self conscious’ billboard over his head, blinking his nervousness and distractive thoughts all over the place.
On the other hand, once a guy has got this concept that he should stop thinking, then he just goes up to a gal, communicates with her, has a good time, and she leeches on to him like a miser latches onto gold.
Hey, he is a breath of fresh air after Mr. Second Guessing himself and Having Thoughts has put her off. He is, pardon the observation…a ‘real man.’
Okay, now we get down to it:ow do you stop thinking?
First, doing the martial arts will stop your thinking. You simply learn not to think, that it gets in the way, during techniques. Simply, in doing something, and ignoring all excess mind chatter, you start doing purely, and you stop thinking.
Now, most martial arts should do this, but modern training methods often get in the way. The older training methods work better, but they hurt and are painful and they leave all sorts of bruises.
And, since it is difficult to find the old training methods anyway, let’s talk about Matrixing, which is much faster anyway.
The basics of Matrixing are the Matrix Karate course. This is a logical method for learning Karate, takes about one tenth the time.
So you learn the forms, do some freestyle, see what the forms mean, and then you’re ready for the matrix itself.
The matrix is a series of self defense moves. They are arranged logically. The point here is that the older martial arts were series of random data, so you had to memorize lists of techniques, and this took time, and you were constantly trying to sort the data out.
With Matrix Karate, specifically with the Matrix of techniques within that art, with the order of techniques being logical, you never have to think about them. You just do them without thought, almost right from the beginning. So you stop thinking faster.
You have a partner simply feed you the attacks, you go through the matrix, and there is no searching for the right move, or figuring out how to turn the body, or how to set or align the limb, or whatever. The data is logical, and the Matrix takes you through it, and you stop thinking.
Actual times is about two hours. Two hours and you stop thinking, stop having excess chatter going on in your head, distracting you from things like survival and (grin) girls.
Now, I feel so stupid, using girls to lure people into the true art, but I believe in the martial arts, and I’ll use anything I can to lead people down the straight and narrow. So that’s how you get rid of thinking, and how you get to the secret of the martial arts, and in months instead of years. Heck, in hours instead of decades. And, proof, check out the Three Month Black Belt Course. I don’t just walk the talk, I talk the talk, and I’ put it on video for anybody who doubts. You guys have a great day, and make sure you pick up the free book on the front page of Monster Martial Arts.

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