Killing Knife Attackers with Triple Flip Martial Art Techniques!

Ya gotta love it. A guy with a Knife does an overhead stab at you, so you fall to the side and kick him in the groin. This is the Martial Arts technique I saw in a martial arts book the other day, and a surer route to getting yourself killed has never been.
Well, perhaps it has been. Lotta bonehead people out there. You know they are bonehead because they buy this guys book, right?
Which book is that, you ask?
Not gonna say.
You can go get your chuckles somewhere else.
Look, if somebody is coming at you with a knife it makes sense to jump, dodge, get out of the way. But if you fall down so you can kick somebody you are losing all your mobility. And, if your kick isn’t perfect, and you haven’t practiced that technique a thousand times a month for ten years, then that knife weilding maniac is just going to fall on you, and…end of game. You’re gonna get your guts stabbed out!
So, yes, move to the side. Look for something to block or wrap his knife arm with. Keep moving. Try some quick kicks to his knees and groin, but don’t fall down, don’t try to wrestle with him, stay away from the blade, and make up your mind to take some real martial arts lessons so stuff like this won’t happen to you, and so that you will have some real self defense techniques to defend yourself with.
You know, I sometimes call self defense moves like this by a variety of names, somersaulting tricks, triple flip defenses, or just stupid.
Anyway, if you want to learn some real martial arts techniques, head on over to Monster Martial Arts. Basic Karate will give you a plan and a foundation, and you can advance from there. Knife fighting techniques in particular I teach in Blinding Steel, which is the Monkey Boxing course. Check it out, and get the free ebook offered on the front page. Here’s a short clip of some Monkey Boxing (Blinding Steel) knife fighting techniques that work.

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