The Secret of the True Martial Arts

The Secret of the Martial Arts is Awareness. The Secret of All Life is Awareness. Thus, the Secret of Life is within you, and all you have to do is figure out how to unleash your awareness.

This is such a funny thing, so simple, and so overlooked. People think that they will be better martial artists is they just work out harder, have bigger muscles, can beat up somebody else. Nothing could be further from the truth; this is actually the opposite direction in which one should be going to become the perfect martial artist.

Yes, muscles are important, but only to a small degree. They are important only to the degree that they breed awareness. One should not abuse the muscle to make them bigger, but use them to achieve awareness of what the muscle is and is doing.

Yes, forms are important, but only to the degree they enhance awareness. As one does forms one becomes aware of how to move the body. Eventually, with correct practice, one will transcend the normal ways of moving the body and discover whole new concepts of motion.

Yes, techniques are important, but only to the degree that they bring awareness of how to deal with the problems an attacking body will bring. One discovers, through martial arts techniques, that the real problem has to do with analyzing and handling incoming flow and potential force. This has a direct effect on making one more aware.

Yes, freestyle is important; the martial arts wouldn’t be real if they weren’t combat ready. However, the big problem is that people start to love combat for the sake of combat, and not as a method for becoming more aware of how to use the body…even under stress. This is called the Joy of Combat, and is contrary to the real path of the true martial art.

The real key is that one should be studying the martial arts as a discipline to explore oneself. When one loves fighting more than learning they are abusing the art. When one engages in combat to be better than the other person, they will never find the true spirit of themselves.

The martial arts are a key, and the whole body is the lock. Do the martial arts and unlock the bodies true potential. Still the mind and discover the spirit that is the truth of you.

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