Putting Chi in the Nooks and Crannies!

what did I do on vacation?
I worked out at Tai Chi twice a day.
I love to throw myself into an art,
totally immerse myself,
and Tai Chi is great for this,
because it is the healing art.
It’s also the most deadly art I know,
Each work out would take an hour minimum,
and I would do the form for each work out.
I tale several seconds to go through each posture,
and I loop certain of the moves,
making sure I put chi into all the nook and crannies.

When I do Tai Chi I concentrate on
synchronizing the CBM (Coordinated Body Motion)
 and the breathing.
I can feel the energy swell through the body.
I don’t bother with following little electrical circuits,
I just swell and push.

I do put the mass of energy that I have created
into any body part that has my attention.
I once lowered my blood sugar over 150 counts
in three days,
by concentrating on the pancreas.
It was high,
it ain’t high no longer.

When you create a mass of energy,
what people usually call Chi,
it is the result of concentrated awareness.
You do the form,
create the energy,
and push it through the body
where it will do the most good,
or set it up for combat.

I wrote most of the details on how to create Chi in the Matrixing Chi book,
and used Sanchin.
It just seemed easier to jumpstart the chi
with Sanchin.
Once jumpstarted,
once you have the basic swell and push down,
I prefer the Tai Chi.
But you should prefer what works for you.
Though it is a science,
bodies are different,
awareness are different,
people start at different places,
and what works for you
works for you.

here is the weird chi exercise of the day.
I was reading Dune once,
and the hero of the story,
Paul Maud’Dib,
was learning how to fight.
One of the things he did
was learn how to control every single muscle in his body.
An exercise that truly taxes.
this is handy in martial arts,
but I never got into it.
I got into controlling muscles,
but not searching out each and every muscle,
and being able to activate it solely.
What I did get into was creating chi in the extremities.

Be aware of the right little toe.
Be aware of the left little toe.
Be aware of the right second toe.
Be aware of the left second toe.
Be aware of the right middle toe.
Be aware of the left middle toe.
And so on through all the toes.
Then I do the same thing for my fingers.

in the beginning you are just thinking of the toe,
not much there.
as you CBM,
you start to be able to look inside your toes.
You actually look through the leg and into the hollow
of the designated toe.
It’s like looking down a garden hose,
and you start to see more and more.
You are not looking with your eyes,
you are looking with your perceptions,
you are growing your awareness.

The trick is to CBM.
Coordinated Body Motion
is in a lot of my courses.
I almost always include a section on CBMing.
The rules,
generally speaking,
are very simple.
Start all body motion at the same time.
Finish all body motion at the same time.
Adjust relative to muscle size and mass and configuration,
in between start and stop.
Doing this
through all your forms,
should give you a healthy does of CBM,
and start to turn on your awareness,
and enable you to look ‘without your eyes.’

More on this later,
you should be pretty well tweaked out figuring this method out,
so let me just say,
get the Matrixing Chi book
it’s on the Monster Martial Arts
 if you want to learn more about 
the ‘swell and push’ method for controlling chi.
If you are past that,
you might want to take a look at Tai Chi,
here’s the URL.


When you visit the Monster Martial Arts website, make sure you pick up the free book on Matrixing. It’s at the top of the home page.

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