The Most Difficult Thing to Get People to Understand in the Martial Arts!

free martial arts

I tell you...I'm not too old to learn!

There is one thing that kills the martial arts, makes them less than art, and generally degrades every study of the fighting disciplines.
This is the fact that the martial arts are not taught as science.
This is because people add to, take away from, alter, and generally change the heck out of the martial arts to suit their fancy.
Each martial art system is good, and there are some great ones, but they are far less than they could be.
But, you tell somebody that there is something wrong, and they think you are talking about every other art but their own.
The reason for this can be loyalty (this is my martial arts school he is talking about!) Or it can be because no one wants to admit that the time they have been putting in they have been putting in to a lesser art. Or it could be vested interest (I make money the way I’m doing things…I won’t change!) And so on and so on. I actually list a whole bunch of the ways an art can be screwed up on my Matrix Karate Page at MonsterMartialArts(dot)com.
The fact of the matter is that I am trying to make the arts better, not tear somebody’s personal art down, but make it even better! I am showing people how to analyze and examine their art so they can learn it faster, and get more than the original power that was presented by the art.
When one matrixes the Martial Arts they are given a method by which they can find every single missing piece in their art. Stuff that is hidden, or obscured, or eve a ‘secret martial arts,’ is suddenly plain and easy to see.
The reasons and methods for developing chi power are easy to find then, and one really starts to evolve as a martial artist.
What did Ed Parker do, and what was he trying to do, when he developed five different systems of Kenpo?
What did Funakoshi leave behind when he let the Japanese run with his Karate system and alter it?
What are the fundamental differences between Aito Ryu Aiki JuJitsu and Aikido?
These are the kinds of questions that get answered so fast your head spins!
And they are just the start.
Whole systems shift around and plug into each other–making sense like they were all one vast system, which they are.
Anyway, that’s the skinny on the most difficult thing that people won’t look at in the martial arts, and why.
Nothing is sadder than a fellow who learns something amazing because of Matrixing, or even just my column, and then says, ‘Oh, we have that in my system.’
Maybe they did, but he never looked at it, and he wouldn’t have thought of it, and he holds on to his horse and buggy while the freeway traffic roars past him.
I tell you this, the secrets are there, and they are easy, but you have to have the courage to open up your eyes and be willing to admit that everything you know is all there is.
If what I have said makes sense, and you want to get more out of your martial arts, drop by Monster Martial Arts. Pick up a free book while you’re there.

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