Hitting the Whole Body in Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts

Martial Arts Chi Power!

Mind you, I do this for every art, but I usually end up teaching this concept during Shaolin Kung Fu, so that is the martial arts I am referring to in this article.
The whole concept of hitting somebody’s whole body, as opposed to just hitting a part of the body, depends on CBM, or Coordinated Body Motion. CBM is referred to in the classical arts as using the body as one unit. This is a an interesting way of stating it, but lacking in description.
To get CBM one must move all parts of the body at the same time. You start motion at the same time, and you end motion at the same time, and you coordinate all the muscles and masses and such so that everything works in exact proportion to its need and size and relationship and so on.
Now, that said, there is hitting a piece of the body. You hit somebody in the arm, and the arm flies back.
Then there is hitting somebody in the whole body. You hit somebody in the arm,a nd the whole body flies back.
This seems mysteirous, but what has happened is that the body likes to work as one unit. It loves to feel Coordinated Body Motion. The body knows who is in charge.
So you practice this concept, make it work, time passes, you get better and better at it, and then something interesting happens.
If you have been studying the true art, then the people around you will start to CBM. They won’t know it, sometimes all they feel is good, but their bodies are reacting to your body. Simply, one machine out of synch next to a machine in synch, and the machine out of synch starts to go in synch. When this happens you can punch somebody in the arm, and their whole body will CBM, and fly back.
There are a lot of things to aware of when developing this ability, and it is not always simple, though, to be truthful, it should be.
Now, I know this is a teaser, and I actually didn’t mean it to be. I actually started writing because I had been teaching this concept this morning, and I felt like letting it out a bit. But, I can see the degree of work and understanding that a person needs to have to make this work, so it ends up being a teaser.
Still, explore it on your own, and you can always drop by Monster Martial Arts and get more data. There’s a free book on the home page you should get. It may help you understand some of the things I’m saying here. Have a great work out.


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