What Works in MMA, and What Works in the Martial Arts!

I came across an interesting article, it had to do with the MMA saving the world of the martial arts. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you about it.

The points were well taken, it was basically a diatribe on commercialization, and the reduction in actual teaching.
MMA works because it puts the pedal to the metal, and its hard to upgrade from your silk shorts to, uh…something flashier.
I liked the article, though I disagreed with some of it.
Commercialization is okay as long as it promotes the money, and not okay when it becomes obsessed with monetization. I agree with that.
However, the point that classical martial arts are basically dead I disagree with.
No, they don’t spend time rolling around on the mat, but they do go somewhere. These old legends of ‘iron fist,’ and ‘dim mak,’ and iron bell training,’ they are real.
What is lacking is dedication and commitment to the extreme.
Now people are watching the MMA and wanting to basically box and kick so that they spin around out of control.
Classical martial arts is not boxing. Also, classical martial arts doesn’t result in cauliflower ears, slurred speech, faces cut beyond belief. Also, Traditional MA results in fine discipline, stronger bodies, mental acuity, and all manner of politeness.
Of course, that is if it is taught right.
The points made in the article were good, but there was a bias towards only MMA, and MMA as the Saviour of the arts, and so on.
Really, one is not better than the other, and to say that one is is to fall to the worse qualities.
What works in the MMA? What works in the Martial Arts? Can’t we all get along? Check out Monster Martial Arts if you’re interested in seeing some of that classical mess. There is some real magic in that stuff, and the pendulum is starting to swing the other way. Oh, and pick up a free book on the home page while you’re there.

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