Super Karate Made Easy is not Scientific Martial Arts: It is Free if you Want to Buy It! (Grin)

Now Here's Some Scientific Martial Arts!

Super Karate Made Easy was a book by Moja Rone which came out in the late fifties or early sixties. It was one of the first books, and it sold millions. And, truth, it wasn’t very good. Just a bunch of drawings with some lurid copy. You know, stuff like, Hit him with your sunday punch and he’ll wake up on Monday. Great stuff, but sort of pulpy.
Anyway, the book is free on the internet, I guess it is public domain, nobody really knows who Moja Rone is.
Then I found some guy selling it. Seventeen bucks. I mean, hello…it’s free!
That’s the skinny on public domain, you go to guttenburg, find something for free, download it, then sell it, and I guess it’s legal.
I guess if people get excited by poor martial arts, more power to them. Anyway, pop over to Monster Martial Arts for the latest in scientific Martial Arts. Download Super Karate Made Easy at your own risk. It is entertaining history, but not very effective.


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