From Reaction Time to Action Time Through Hard Core Karate Training

One of the things that used to bug me, when I was doing Kenpo Karate back in the sixties, was that I couldn’t make my body go fast enough. I would start the move, fast as I could, and in my head I would watch the technique, groaning because the translation of the thought into real body motion was taking so long.
Mind you, I was fast enough in freestyle, so it wasn’t body speed that was lacking, it was the ability to go fast enough to keep up with my thoughts. It wasn’t simple reaction time, it was action time that I had to solve.
This is a common problem. I also and really encountered it in writing. I always need a faster computer to keep up with my flow of thoughts. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you about my solution.

Anway, I didn’t solve the problem in Karate, not even the Kang Duk Won. Though, I must say, the Kang Duk Won brought me close to the answer. I think if I had continued studying that art officially then I would have made it.
But, what really brought the problem to a solution was Tai Chi.
Now how can Tai Chi, which goes so slow, speed me up fast enough to catch my mind?
Just stopping trying made the action effortless, and suddenly I was there.
Oh, it still took a while, but it was an enjoyable while, and I learned so much.
Anyway, I recommend cross training, and I especially recommend Karate and Tai Chi. Though they seem to oppose, that is only in the beginning. in the end, everything meshes. You just have to keep studying.
If you want more data on this, how to put arts together so they make sense, and so that your natural abilities really come out, come on over to Monster Martial Arts.


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