Martial Arts for Closet Survivalists Before the World Comes to an End!

One thing I don’t talk about much, when it comes to martial arts, is being a survivalist. You know what a survivalist is…he’s the guy who is determined that the world is going to end, and that he is finally going to get to shoot his neighbors.
Did I misstate that a wee bit? Grin.
The point is that most people are survivalists. Most people want to live until tomorrow. At least.
There’s a few, of course, that don’t, and these are recognizable because they don’t want you to live until tomorrow. At all.
This latter group, of course, is the impetus for the whole survivalist movement. It’s the whole reason for being…and oiling your guns and hoarding your gold and hoe-ing your garden.
But the hilarious thing is this: most people who are into end of the world survival modes don’t really know any martial arts. Maybe they learned a kata in the 3rd grade, when their mother made them take a summer class at the Y, but they don’t really know anything.
They don’t know how to hold a knife, cutting v hacking, the best way to rip somebody’s throat out, or even how to punch a bag.
Many of them are in beer drinking bad physical condition. Haven’t done a push up in years.
Mind you, not al, there are a few that are in great shape, but they are usually making money off the fat ones.
Vampirism. That’s what I call it. Sucking the blood out of the people scared of zombies.
Anyway, I hope I’ve made you think. I hope I’ve made you consider actually getting a martial arts course off the internet.
It’s a great place to start…no dues, no gas and time, just plug in the DVD and start having fun.
You know, the funny thing is that if enough people ordered martial arts off the internet the world wouldn’t come to an end, people would simply be more interested in the martial arts than determining that the world is about to die.
So if you guys want to have a great work out, and get into tip top shape, come visit Monster Martial Arts. And hurry up, the world is about to end!

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