Martial Arts Causes Crazy People to Go Crazier Quicker!

It’s true. Martial Arts is a dangerous thing. Well, maybe I should say ‘can be’ a dangerous thing. Check out the vid snip and I’ll tell you about it.

I was watching one of the MMA things the other night, the house thing where somebody gets to beat up enough people he is crowned The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), and I was struck by how much trash talk is spewed out.
‘I’m bad, you’re not, bring it on, let’s do it, you’re an idiot!’
Doesn’t that pretty much sum it all up?
So, let’s examine that sentence.
‘I’m bad’…when did it become so cool to be a bad person?
‘You’re not’…so somebody is getting insulted because he is good?
‘Bring it on’…Bring what on? This makes no sense!
‘Let’s do it’…this is not something I think half naked men in a house should be saying.
‘You’re an idiot’…so, did the talker administer an intelligence test? Is he a psychologist who knows the shadings of the mentally challenged?
Of course, this doesn’t all matter if the audience thinks it’s cool. But I ain’t gonna go there. I would just like to sell people the idea that the martial arts aren’t as one sees on TV. They aren’t brutality and insults and drunken louts, they are learning how to be polite, they are learning how to confront violence, so that one never has to become violent. And if you think I’m wrong then…you’re not an idiot, you just need to get acquainted with real martial arts.
Drop by Monster Martial Arts and see if I can change your mind. Make sure you pick up the free book at the top of the home page.


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