How to Teach Martial Arts: a Unique Method that Works Differently

Look, it sounds like I’m patting my own back, and, shucks, I guess I am, but let me give you a win, and then tell you how I teach martial arts.
The win is simple. I have over 300 pages of wins, and I just throw stuff in the win file and forget about them, and this one I found, and it sort of surprised me. Here’s the win.
“I’ve been around in life enough and I’ve never seen anyone teach a person like you do. I’m betting when other instructors watch you teach they are going to be shocked and excited at the same time.”
This sort of surprised me because I don’t really think of myself as a teacher. Check out the video tapes (Three month Black Belt Course on my site, Monster Martial Arts). On those tapes my and my student are laughing, having a good time, and living life like a party.
I’ve got data, he wants it, I show, he does, and there is no attitude or altitude or anything like that.
consider this:
Don’t ever yell at or insult your student. Ever.
If you’re not having a good time, then your student isn’t.
If you’re having a good time, your student will have a good time, and he won’t quit.
Be honest, especially when you get irritated, and this will help the irritation pass with a laugh.
Do you see? These are the kinds of rules I live by. I am actually confused when I see sensei barking orders, getting all significant and expecting people to do things without understanding why, and more importantly, how.
You see, there is no secret here, it’s just a take on ‘treat other people the way you want to be treated. And it makes for students that are lyoal and stick around a long time.
Anyway, I hope this helps you have a good time, and I hope it helps you become the greatest martial arts instructor in the world. It is definitely the best method as to how to teach the martial arts. Check out my site, there is a free book available at the top left of the home of Monster Martial Arts.

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