Karate Training And Dirty Fighting Tricks, And What Resulted

I remember hearing about dirty fighting tricks when I was growing up. These were the down and dirty tactics that people of low morals used, and usually consisted of such things as kicks to the groin, fingers in the eye, rabbit punches, and so on. Oddly, I never considered such things as dishonorable when I learned them as part of my Karate training. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you about this.

People were different in those days. Education actually worked, you see, and people who engaged in mob tactics were considered pretty low. When a fight did occur, it was conducted under rules, with no fouls, and may the better man win. There was no trash talking, and opponents ended up shaking hands when all was done.

Well, the world has turned, and the martial arts are here, and this is sometimes good and sometimes bad. After all, people are still what they are, education has sunk low, and morals don’t seem to be a noticeable force in the conduct of society. Oddly, the bright spot on all of this is that dirty fighting stuff…training in the martial arts.

When one begins tolearn a martial art, and I am speaking of arts such as karate, savate, gung fu, and so on, they begin by tempering their body. Night after night they sweat in the training hall, and in the perspiring, along with body impurities, mental incorrectness seems to go out. Thus, changing the physical changes the mental, and this causes a rebirth of morality.

Imagine, learning how to kick some guy in the cherries causes spiritual rejuvenation. But it’s a true datum! As the mind changes, the spirit undergoes a transformation.

The attitude towards life throws off the effects of drugs. Whether one has taken directly, or is just influenced by peers that take drugs, the effects are sweated out. People who study the martial arts are wiser in their choice of friends.

Further, the effects of poor education are canceled out. When a fellow has faced somebody in the training hall and had to discern how truthful he is under fighting conditions, he learns something about seeing the truth. This can have direct correlation to what you studied in school.

In closing, the effects of Karate training are vast, but the important effects are far beyond simple street fight tricks. Yes, you ‘fight dirty,’ but you also change for the better. There is a whole world to be seen through martial arts like karate, or taekwondo or krav maga, or whatever, and that is why people flock to those arts and study them diligently.

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