Martial Art Work Out in the Snow

Would Chuck Norris Use Gloves?

Martial Art Work Outs in different environments is a kick.
I used to read the accounts of Karate classes held in the snow, martial arts meditation under waterfalls, and all that sort of thing.
Now there wasn’t a waterfall near where I lived, and it snowed once every twenty years, so I figured I would have to wait to experience those things. Then, one year, it snowed!
Man, I was like shot. I was in the car and up in the hills in ten minutes. Unfortunately, so was the rest of California.
Oh, well.
So I was wearing gi bottoms, and I took off my shoes and socks, and began doing my karate forms in the snow.
Man, it was a kick.
But I figured I was going to have to figure out some esoteric, weird thing to do with my mind.
In actuality, all I had to do was get the blood pumping and keep it pumping. So I pumped and sweated, and all these mothers bundled their children up and took them away from my area.
And, the worst thing was I had broken a toe a few years previous, and I felt the break. Man, it was an irritant. Made my foot feet fragile, when it wasn’t.
Other than that, the main thing was to keep the enthusiasm up.
You see, it is easy to sweat, but after you see that there really isn’t much of a challenge, you run into the challenge, how do you keep your excitement high enough to keep working out. You have to maintain a level of excitement, you see, and that’s where the exercise becomes more than body, and a mind thing.
In the end, it was valuable, showed me some things about myself, and I recommend it. In fact, I recommend doing this type of martial arts training often. It’s different, it pumps you up, it’s invigorating, and it’s fun.
Of course all martial art work outs are fun, but this is just a little extra fun, and good for you.
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