Because of Martial Arts the location of Planet Earth has been Verified

Shaolin Makes for Good Light Kung Fu!

In my martial arts we don’t teach the same old, same old after black belt. After one reaches Black Belt ranking they study a new art, and each rank of black belt is a new art.
Thus, I am currently teaching a fellow Shoalin Kung Fu. He learned Karate, he is ready for a little transformation, so we’re working on ‘Sil lum gung fu’ for his second black belt.
Now, that said, we had an interesting conversation the other day. He was doing some movement and I observed his feet were too loud.
He started looking at his feet, and was surprised to notice that he had been slapping his stances down. Ah, he had opened his eyes, time to insert some data.
‘Do you know,’ I asked, ‘Where planet earth is?’
He started thinking, ‘Like…between Mars and Venus?’
I laughed.
You see, every time you place your foot down too loudly, you are colliding with planet earth; you are running into it. This means that you don’t know where it is.
Think about it, many billions of people run into the earth thousands of times a day with their feet: they don’t know where planet earth is.
They run into planet earth so many times that, if they were on one side of the globe, they would knock it right out of orbit. Thank goodness they are all spread about and able to counter the effects of their indiscriminate ramming of the planet.
Hmmm, if we could get them all to step at the same time, and face the same way, we could either slow down or speed up planet earth. A good cure for global warming, you know, assuming we’re facing the right way.
Anyway, funny bone aside, if you are walking loudly, you damage the feet, you cause fatigue, and you won’t catch anything. The prey will hear you coming, you know.
The correct method for walking, or moving around in a karate kata,or to develop light kung fu, is to ascertain which way planet earth is moving, and then match your foot soundlessly to the earth, and go with it.
As silly as this might sound, it is the right way, and it will lead to better and better martial arts.
Obviously there will be a couple of exceptions, but think about it, and start doing your forms with sensitivity for the proper energy connection with mother earth. If you want tolearn more about the Shaolin method I use, and how to elevate your martial arts,click to Monster Martial Arts. I’ve got a free book offered on the main page.

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