Iron Body Kung Fu Training

Iron Body training, sometimes called Golden Bell, is one of the Shaolin Kung Fu training specialties.
I actually learned it in Kang Duk Won Korean Karate. I didn’t learn any special techniques, we just beat on each other, did the techniques, and practiced breathing correctly when hit, and suddenly I had it.
When somebody hit me I could make up my mind that it wouldn’t hurt, and it wouldn’t. I would feel energy charge through my body and collect at the impact point.
Correct breathing. Breath out when you strike, breath out when you get struck, always breath as if from the tan tien.
As if, because you actually can’t breath from the tan tien. You can, however, breath to the diaphragm, and this will cause a sensation of energy to continue downwards to the tan tien.
With this method we could withstand strikes to the body or limbs. Some of the guys got so good they could take full kicks to the groin. I didn’t go that far. Grin.
But, when people ask me for specialized training, I sort of groan. Martial Arts aren’t a fantasy, they are a science, and one must do them, complete and thorough, and not get sidetracked by neat things they heard about. Anyway, that’s the scoop on Iron Body Kung Fu Training. Drop by my site, Monster Martial Arts, and pick up a free book.

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