The Martial Arts Legends are Coming!

Martial Arts Weapon

Karate Energy is an Interesting Thing!

Good morning!
Work out!
Need I say more?

you talked me into it,
blabbermouth that I am.
Let’s talk about
Closed Combat Systems.

This is something near and dear
to the heart of the Martial Arts,
but which not many people understand,
especially if they have studied the martial arts
the last decade or so.

So people live in a village,
and the robbers come and plunder
little bit or rape going on,
lots of beatings up,
but not a lot of murder.
an example here and there,
but not a lot.
Why not a lot?
Because the village needs farmers
to raise the crops
to feed the robbers.
Kill too many peasants
and nobody is there to plant the crops
to feed the robbers.

everybody gets tired
of being somebody’s bi…uh, whipping boy.
So the peasants go to the king
agree to trade their food for protection
instead of having it taken outright.
They still lose the same food,
but not as much beatings up,
and not as many rapes.
a few.
Thugs will be thugs,
whether they belong to a robber band in the hills
or the government.

some of the peasants don’t want to tend crops,
they go to the big city,
become soldiers
learn techniques to beat up robbers,
and then return home.
being broke and having nothing to do,
they teach the kids
some of the things they learned.
kids being kids,
they collect these techniques like playing cards
and one or two of them
practice more than is normal,
you have a martial arts system.

Oh, it probably isn’t very good,
bits and pieces of war,
that sort of thing,
but practice over time
yields interesting results.
They come up with more techniques,
figure out which techniques work best,
which techniques work best with which other techniques
and so on.
over time,
the martial arts system becomes condensed,
is pruned for usefulness,
the techniques that don’t work are kicked out,
here is something freaky,
a form of enlightenment results.
peasants open their eyes,
realize they are human beings,
realize that they are spirit!

This is what we call a Closed Combat System.

A tight, tidy
conglomeration of techniques,
that works in combat,
and elevates the student
physically, mentally and spiritually.

Now comes the bad part.
A hundred years ago
almost every martial art
was a Closed Combat System.
They weren’t advertised,
and only the truly obsessed
would study them,
and stick with them
long enough to make them work.

Then the modern age dawned.
People began having spending cash,
were enthralled by these martial arts systems.
there was money to be made.
So the martial arts systems were taught,
and for a while
they remained pure.
Joe Blow saw Jim Blim working out
and they got together
and they started combining techniques.
They figured it would be great!
They were both good,
and if they put all that wealth together
they would be twice as good!

What they didn’t understand
was that they were taking apart
Closed Combat Systems.
In making the two arts fit together,
they had twice the techniques,
but they had undone
the carefully evolved
over generations
arrangements of workability
that the martial arts were.

So Karate became nine Kwans in Korea,
Karate became mushed with Kung Fu in Kenpo,
Aikido is actually a distillation of Daito ryuAiki jujitsu,
none of these things are bad,
and can even be good,
but the alterations have
disjointed and discombobulated
Closed Combat Systems.
And the current systems
need to be diluted of extraneous material,
plied with logic,
returned to original workability,
and so on.

legends have it
that you can kill somebody with a slap.
Not a punch,
but a simple slap.
But we can’t do this anymore.

Legends have it
that a fellow slapped the back of a horse with a palm,
and killed the horse.
in the MMA
warriors bludgeon each other mercilessly,
and often without effect.

Legends have it
that people could disappear
from under a strike,
hold a bird on the palm
just by Chi,
could shout down a crowd
and make that crowd flee,
with a spirit shout.

I know,
the legends are just tales of the old guys
trying to impress us young guys…
are you sure?

I knew a fellow who could stick his finger into a board
and leave a hole.
I have pictures
of people breaking bamboo poles with a chop
when the bamboo poles were balanced
on slices of watermelon!
I have direct first hand accounts
of people who could ‘grab’
an opponent’s punch
with their belly,
and hold that fist
as long as they wanted,
and even transmit energy
up the arm
and cause great pain.

But they came from somewhere,
and they aren ot all hot air,
and the question is…
will they be again?

I say only if we can configure our martial arts systems
into Closed Combat Systems,

considering that we have that much more information
our Closed Combat Systems,
will be that much better.

I can put out a candle
from over a foot away.
I don’t use force,
I just flick my fingers,
a light, little poke
Karate with a tai chi flavor looking thing.
tell the truth,
while not many people can do that sort of thing,
and while some people think it is pretty cool,
I don’t think it is much.
It proves my theories,
but it is only the tip of the iceberg.
I feel like a child,
and I wonder what the adults to come
are going to be able to do.

Shoot that chi across the room.
Aim it and direct it,
darken it to cause life taking harm.
Use it to heal,
point a little chi to the right pressure point,
and you fix that internal organ.
Maybe just move big blocks of stone
and build a few gnarly looking pyramids.

To be honest,
I think that we have just lived through some dark ages
and we are about to enter
the age of power and glory
of the martial arts.

I truly believe that.

you can hunt around the website
and find the vid of me putting out the candle,
I think it’s on the Matrixing Chi page,
and you can start building your own personal power,
doing your own research,
having some real fun.

I’ll tell you the truth,
the systems that I put out are Closed Combat Systems.
It is the logic of Matrixing that make them so.
Once you have studied one of my systems,
say Matrix Karate,
you can study classical Karate,
and the whole thing becomes
a Closed Combat System.
The whole art!
So you can study my systems
and put them together
into the whole pie,
or you can study the thing that interests you
and then study that art entire
using my courses or not,
and the effect will be the same,
that of a Closed Combat System.

read the wins
if you want proof.

whatever you decide to do,
I am with you.
The future looks so bright…


PS~Here’s the Matrixing Chi page. Pick up a free book while you’re there.

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