Women’s Karate Class: Should Ladies Learn Karate?

Here’s an interesting question I have never actually resolved. One would think that Ladies learning Karate, that a women’s Karate class would be a no brainer, but…call me a dinosaur, here’s my thoughts on the matter.
Women soften the class. Things tend to get softer, techniques are softer, punches are geared down.
There is the dating phenomena. Fault of the gals or not, the fact is that guys don’t always think through the head on their shoulders, and they are easily distracted.
You have to be careful where you hit them. Kick a guy in the apples and we take a deep breath and keep going. Hit gal in the chest and…OMG! Lawsuit, embarrassing moment, no way to alleviate it.
Girls shouldn’t fight. For that matter, guys shouldn’t fight. But girls shouldn’t fight.
If self defense is needed, there are other arts that should be studied that are more in keeping with a woman’s gentle personality, and which will preserve and even enhance that gentle personality.
And we could go on, but you see the considerations here, and these are just some of the simple ones. I have actually avoided some more hard core considerations (women hating men, etc.) because that risks stirring the fires just a little too much. I really just wanted to put forth a provocative ‘what if’ kind of a question, get some feedback, and not really offend anybody. To me, you see, Karate doesn’t have sexual organs, but the question is there for people with sexual organs. Interesting.
Anyway, my instructor used to hold a woman’s class. Didn’t let them learn with the men. And, an aside, he never taught that class. He always had a senior instructor teach that class. And that was his solution.
I don’t have a solution. I see problems aplenty with Ladies in Karate, and I have taught a Women’s Karate Class, but…well, you’re welcome to comment. And if you want to check out my courses, there is no sexual bias whatsoever at all, and they are at Monster Martial Arts.


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