Secret of the Square,the Triangle, and the Circle!

Merry June Fool’s Day!
Summer has officially started,
and you should make a goal…
a whole summer with one or more work outs
every single day!
I mean,
dedicate yourself!

I’m shooting the Shaolin Butterfly with EW,
and it is a blast.
We work on the karate a little every day,
smooth out his form,
make him not just intuitive and efficient and powerful,
but pretty.
Ooh la la!

The real fun though,
is when we get into the Butterfly.
You see Karate is a hard art,
establishes power,
makes a person solid.
But there is a lot more.
What do you do with power?
How do you refine it,
use it in different ways?
How do you roll it into your belly
and send out a little zap
that will knock a guy down?
You know?
So we’re having fun.

the interesting concept came up today,
the square, the triangle, and the circle.
These are the three shapes
which define the entire universe.
So how are they used in the martial arts?

The square is karate.
You make a solid base,
create a foundation.

The triangle is Kung Fu,
you learn to angulate,
to slip and slide
to create small and subtle changes
which small changes
create big changes,
it is a total strategy
that opens the world.

The circle is obviously going to be Pa Kua.
Though it could be Aikido.
Not much to be said about that.
the use fo the circle in those arts
is pretty obvious.

if you study the circle without the square,
you are missing a fundamental piece of it all.
And most kung fu’s don’t really delve into the triangle
to the degree thy should.
This is a matter of arts being corrupted.
And this hold true for all geometries.
You must learn them all,
and how they fit together,
or you only have a piece of the art.

let’s say a guy learns Karate,
is well based,
he needs to learn how to shade that karate,
which can be done with triangles,
and then translate it into circles.

to say it a different way,
the body is flesh and bone,
the triangle is energy
and the circle is awareness.

You use Karate to create the energy,
thus moving from body to energy.
Then you use energy to create awareness.

I know,
it sounds a little weird,
but consider it this way.

The body uses muscles.
The body likes to bash against other bodies.
karate properly done,
changes that,
it makes you aware of energy.
The body is not aware of energy,
only you are aware of energy.
so we must use energy
but the body doesn’t use energy,
you use energy,
so in figuring out what to do with energy
we make more you.

I know,
simple as mud.
And it is.
Now the trick is to go through the martial arts
and figure out how to apply what I have said,
to learn the systems,
and go through the experiences,
to realize awareness.

Where I started was
by drawing simple geometric figures
over photos of myself.
I would do a side kick,
and draw a triangle using the feet and the tan tien as the major points.
I would do a stance,
and draw a box and fit myself into it.
I would examine a punch,
and figure out how the circle became a spiral
with the forward motion.
And so on.
This was incredible valuable to me.
Here’s an example.
You can see my mistakes,
and learn from them.

You can establish
or fix your karate
by using this method.
if you are ready for energy,
the Shaolin Butterfly is the way to go,
and the course should be ready in a couple of months.
that all said,
take care and have a great work out.

To get great kung Fu click on Shaolin Butterfly

Have a gr-r-r-reat Day!


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