Three Odd Ways to Fix a Martial Arts Injury

chi powerMartial Arts Injuries are terrible. Simply, they stop you from working out.
Obviously, before we get into a rather advanced way to handle an injury, make sure you have done first aid. If you have to go see a doc, so be it, make sure there is no bleeding, and then you might be able to use what I tell you here.
One, put awareness into your injured body part. That’s all. Don’t just feel the pain, but try to be inside the body at the point of injury looking, being aware, of that injury. What helps is to look at the other side, two. That way you can look at the good side, and think about it on the injured side. This is an odd thing of the good side curing, or at least speeding the repair of, the bad side.
Two, pulsing energy through the body helps. The pulsing shouldbe in soft waving motions, as from Tai Chi, or that sort of art. I wouldn’t do hard pulsing, as from Pan Gai Noon, until you have exhibited some degree of recovery.
Three, and this isn’t a fix it so much as an observation, it seems that what goes intot he body goes out of the body. I first noticed this on colds. I would get a cold, and then, when the cold was elaving, i would experience the same sensations, sometimes a little reverse, sometimes not, as the cold left the body. It always told me when the col was over. Eventually I gave up colds. Haven’t really had any for the last five years. Had a mild one, came and went quick, about three years ago. But, generally speaking, I didn’t want them anymore, and I felt them leaving my body. Mind you, there is extensive theory on this elsewhere, and I am speaking only from the martial artists point of view. But it holds true for injures. I feel something bruise or over stretch or whatever, I will feel that same sensation a day or two later, and then I’ll be healed, better than before.
There is one last thing, the dividing line as to whether my methods work may depend on your sense of self. If you know that you are an I am, if you have a sense of yourself as a unique spiritual being, then this is going to work like gangbusters. But if you need to work on that aspect of your life, you may, I say may, have limited success.
Really, it depends on the amount of intention you have to cure yourself.
If you do need more work on your spiritual self, you might try the old way…simply say ‘I am, I am, I am…” for a few hours. You’ll break through and the methods I outline here may become obvious, or you might discover methods unique to yourself.
I’ll write more on having a martial arts injury later, maybe take some of this stuff apart in depth, but this should help for now. Have a great day. My site is Monster Martial Arts.

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