The Best Martial Arts I can Give You!

free martial arts

I tell you...I'm not too old to study Karate!

I am going to talk about maniacs with guns
and how to love them.
Proceed at your own risk!
That said…

Good morning on this most special of days!
It’s my day.
That’s right,
some 63 yrs ago,
it was gloomy and raining,
fit to drown a duck,
and Mrs. Case
saw fit to spit out
a bouncing baby boy.
it was actually the 27th,
but we’re close enough,

you know what that means.
That’s right,
I get to apologize.

I apologize twice a year,
once on Hanakwnmass,
and once on birthday.

if I have done anything to offend anybody,
please forgive me.
If your order was late,
and it was the mailman’s fault…
please forgive me.
It’s not his fault,
it’s my responsibility,
so don’t blame him,
forgive me.
If I said something,
in newsletter or otherwise
which doesn’t sit right with you,
please forgive me,
I’ll try to do better.
If your wife got mad at you
for working out too much,
or your sensei got mad
for not working out enough,
please forgive me,
Don’t blame them,
just forgive me.
Whatever irks you in your heart of hearts,
it’s my fault…please forgive me.

Now that I’m forgiven,
let me say something,
let me give you the only gift I can.
Let me give you the best martial arts I can.
I know there are a few
who want to poke a finger in an eye,
kick a groin for fun,
and we’ll do that in a later newsletter.
Right now,
grant me this gift,
and let me give you the best gift I can.

I’m 63 this Sat.
I have almost nothing.
I can pay the rent for a few months,
drive a beat up truck,
and…almost nothing.
the one thing I do have
is the most precious thing in the universe.
It is the ability to work out.
I have the martial arts in my heart.

isn’t it?
Mrs. Case’s son should have been rich and famous,
he’s happy.
If she could see me now
she would love me
she wouldn’t understand.
She didn’t work out,
you see.

Let me tell you the secret of the universe,
which it took me years of working out
to learn.

I’m responsible for everything.
It’s not my fault
I am not victim to it,
it’s my responsibility,
and therefore I am in charge of it.

A person is born
knows nothing,
squalling, teary-eyed brat.
He must construct a device
to give order to the universe.
This device is called a Belief System (BS)
Most people live between birth and death
using their belief system
to justify themselves,
which abuses the device.
A martial artist builds a belief system
which he can use
to launch himself.
There are a few Belief Systems like this,
but Martial Arts is my heart.

A martial Arts belief system
holds the artist as cause to the universe.
He is in charge,
or he is not really doing martial arts.
You can’t do martial arts and be a victim.

Matrixing and Neutronics
is the condensation of the martial arts belief system
so there is no BS in it.
A short, sweet path…
to you.

Every work out you do
you get closer to you.

It is my fond wish
that a thousand years from now
people will be matrixing
diligently and joyously.
Figuring everything out
and going Neutronic.
I don’t care if they remember me,
it’s not about money and fame,
it’s about the art.

Let me give you a boot up on this.
There are three principles in Neutronics.
Protonic, Electronic, Neutronic.

Somebody who is protonic is coming towards you.
Somebody who is electronic is going away from you.
Somebody who is neutronic is going with you.

A maniac with a knife in one hand
and a gun in the other
and who is running at you,
is definitely protonic.
even a child
with the intent to stand in your way,
can be protonic.
We don’t care about the magnitude of the direction here,
we just want to isolate
so we can handle.

A wife running away in tears
is electronic.
No threat here…
or is there?
Perhaps this could be worse than a fully armed maniac.
Any person who is electronic
needs to be handled gently,
with care and compassion,
if there is less of the people in your life,
there is less of your life,
there is less of you.

A person who agrees with you is Neutronic.
We assume here,
for the sake of this narrative
and peace in the world,
that the two of you aren’t carrying
a gun in one hand
and a knife in the other,
are running away crying.
We assume,
for the sake of sanity for all,
that those who you agree with
and who agree with you
are traveling in a direction beneficial to mankind.
Constructing worthwhile projects,
feeding people,
caring for the young,
setting a fine example
of the size of the heart
of a true martial artist.

When you are neutronic there is harmony.

Not harmony in destruction,
as in terrorists carrying bombs,
but harmony as in a peaceful
satisfied existence.

When you are neutronic
you are learning,
and your mistakes become a joy
because they teach you.

When you are neutronic…

let me shift.
The governments of the world aren’t neutronic.
People are at war (protonic)
People are ill (Electronic)
and what can you do about it?

Work out.

The peace you put in your soul is contagious.

Work out
and you put peace in your soul.

Let me tell you
at my advanced and feeble age
I just want to workout.
When I get up
I live to travel to the Mulholland Overlook
and do Tai Chi over the city,
knowing that I am
in a huge and magnificent way
putting peace in the world.

Mid day,
waiting for the computer to catch up,
I live to do Yogata,
breathing peace
into the middle of the day.

Early evening,
I live to work out with the young turks,
learning from their smiles and sweat,
if only we could work out all day and night,
then my dreams would have come true.

Late at night,
ready for bed,
but I can’t sleep
unless I do some Karate.

In between these times,
I write martial arts,
newsletters and emails,
books and videos,
martial arts are all there is.
When I am not doing martial arts
I am in a funk,
downright miserable,
for to not do martial arts
is to betray the purpose of my existence.

my gift to you
is merely to remind you to

Seek all the knowledge you can,
not just mine,
but all.
Put it to good use.
Teach somebody.
Make them work out.
It is a cure for the ills of the world.

When sufficient people understand this
and do it,
then wars are gone.
Disease doesn’t exist.
in a thousand years
man will be working out,
experiencing the joy of their neutronic existence,
and man won’t be a charred memory
of a planet full of people
who couldn’t get along.

What this planet needs is not people who can fight…
they need people who aren’t afraid to fight
but who have the discipline not to fight.
And that is the construct of the true martial arts
that will launch you
and help you find
the true you.

next newsletter
we can talk about
kicking people in the groin
and poking people in the eyes
and laughing hysterically
when they grab their groins
and don’t where to go.
for now
your best present to me is
work out.

Peace to us
and glory to all,


Here’s the URL for Monkeyland
should anybody wish to peruse
Neutronic teachings.



The Art of Peace is medicine for a sick world. There is evil and disorder in the world, because people have forgotten that all things emanate from one source. Return to that source and leave behind all self-centered thoughts, petty desires, and anger. Those who are possessed by nothing possess everything. 
– Morihei Ueshiba (O’Sensei)

2 thoughts on “The Best Martial Arts I can Give You!

  1. gram

    Hi Al,
    Thanks for that. Plenty of reading fodder there.
    In any event, Happy Birthday!

    I’ll just mosey oveer to your site and see if I can find a cure of these hiccups.



    1. alcase Post author

      My brother and I found a great cure of hiccups. You stand on your head and drink a class of water. We were 7 or 8 yrs old at the time, but I recall it being fairly effective. Let me know if it works. Grinningly yours. Al


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