The Secret Martial Arts is the True Martial Arts

The Secret of the Martial Arts comes down to one question, or imperative, if you will. Check out the video, and I’ll tell you the secret.

We were sitting around the table, a whole flock of students and instructors, and talking martial arts. War stories, training methods, odd things, we shoved them all across the table. And one fellow suddenly asked, ‘What’s the point of it all? Why are the martial arts? What are we trying to do?’
Answers flew through the air, strong bodies, powerful minds, self-defense. And, when all was done and we had all had our say, my instructor topped us all, showed us the way, with one word: ‘Survive.’ The Martial Arts are about survival.’
Silence showed our awe of his brilliance.
I thought he was brilliant, too. But…
I had sat silent through the discussion, just listening, and oddly at peace with myself. The question was one I had asked, answered in many different ways, and knew all about. It touched upon my purpose for being.
Survival is correct, but there is one more answer. The point of the martial arts is to seek existence as.
To survive is what an animal does.
To seek a higher existence, that is what a human being does.
Thus, for me, I don’t just want a strong body and clear mind…I want to know that my sons are stronger and have sharp, calm minds. I want to know that my neighbors are okay. Heck, I even want those dastardly fellows in charge of it all, the politicians, to wake up and see the light. Or at least stop the bus before it reaches the cliff.
I want to know that the world is better when I leave it, that I have actually contributed a bit to my fellow man.
I know some people don’t show this, but I think that drive is inside every man.
So do that form, enjoy that technique, play with that art. Self defense is great, and that is in there, but that is only survival. The real secret, the real true martial arts, they are to seek existence as. If you agree, pop on over to Monster Martial Arts. Every last one of my courses has been created, produced, manufactured, advertised, and put forth with that one essence in mind.

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