Master Instructor Number 56!

Master Instructors Rule!

You know what makes this a great and good morning?
A new Master Instructor!
Before I give you his win,
let me remind you…
work out.
It doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t have to be soft,
it just has to cultivate your awareness,
that will make a better you,
and that’s what it is all about.

congrats to Master Instructor Terry Allen!
Here are portions from his win…

Mr. Case, I watched your dvds and they made me think not just about a certain technique or stance but about martial arts as a whole!  I see that one could learn a  style and take that style and mold it to hard style (karate) or transform it to a soft one (tai chi) and even mix them up and it would be his or her own. I use to hear from some more experienced people never fight angry! I tried but it didn’t always work but now I know why! To be angry is to fix your mind on one person or event and once the mind is fixed or focused that’s all you see it’s like having blinders on, (but) when one is centered and calm they are more flexible in mind and body, and let’s not forget connected to the earth as well. Born  out of (various) technique, there are endless others…it’s like taking the best of each style and piecing it together…your dvds keep me motivated, don’t stop making them…thanks again 

This was a two part win,
here’s the second part…

It is a win for my mind, I see more truth in all styles now, I view martial arts differently. …I’m not in awe of the high flying acrobatics, I look at body, intention, feet, shoulders, body alignment…the body will give away the mind (so) now I’m going to practice ‘no style,’ that way I can hide my intention, it’s more of a mental game…if i show no stance  my opponents mind is sent reeling trying to figure me out, which leads to confusion and defeat. Al, my friend, you are part of a rare breed. Victory goes to the man that has perceived it!! Man you’ve helped me a lot! 

Thank you, Terry.
You really make my day.
There is just a tremendous breadth to your win,
you cover a lot of areas,
and your points are precise.
Thank you.

And for everybody,
the purpose of the Master Instructor Course
is to analyze and handle the body
from an instructor’s point of view.
If you have little experience,
all future training will be easier and quicker.
You understand what it’s about even as your instructor shows it.
if you have a lot of experience,
its even juicier!
The only person who isn’t going to get anything out of this course
is the fellow (gal) who thinks
they already know it all.
it’s a different viewpoint,
and that viewpoint uncovers the simplicities,
aligns the data,
and you are left with two exact things…
how to have perfect form,
how to make any technique work.
Once you have that,
all sorts of things shift.
You look at your forms,
and tweak them into true.
If you have a lot of arts,
you look at your arts,
and tweak them into true.
Whole arts.
That is the value of the information.
The Master Instructor Course
has never been done anywhere,
and it reveals the total and utter and exact truth
about form and technique.
Everything else is a variation on the truth,
and the more variation you have
the less truth you have.

I can only say so much.
If you don’t have the Master instructor Course,
get it,
and get the truth.
If you have it and haven’t experienced
things like Terry has experienced,
watch it a few more times,
work out,
the truth is there,
you just have to look at it until you see it.

sorry for the rant,
I get excited,
especially when somebody wins.
I want everybody to win.
And I want them to win all the time.

Okey doke,
I’m thinking about the journal,
so I’ll probably write another one soon.
I’m just real busy with lessons,
shooting another course
incredibly advanced stuff,
energy by the bushel,
and what do you do with it?)
and trying to catch up on articles and blogs and such.
You will noticed
I’ve toned down the ads for the Three Month Black Belt Course.
I could feel that a lot of people
were unsettled,
after all,
they think I’m attacking the classical arts,
I’m making less of the people who have sweated for a half dozen years.
I am not,
and I know the people who have seen my courses understand what I’m doing,
I just want more people to win faster.
I want to open up the martial arts,
enhance them
bring them to a golden age.
the quick viewer of my site
is sometimes put off by my claims,
so I tone down my words,
let them get closer,
and then slap the truth on them…
you can do anything you want,
you can be anything you want,
and you don’t have to wait a dozen years.
With the right method,
the right knowledge,
you can do it now!

the course will be migrated to another site,
working on it right now.

that’s what’s happening,
if you want to make better martial arts,
here’s a little trick i used to do.

Simply stand and hold up your index finger and stare at it.
The point is to hold it motionless.
Hold the tip still.
You’ll find that yo’lll have to hold your wholebody still to do this,
and this tends to back you up from your body a bit.
Too easy?
then hold out a Chinese Tai Chi sword
hold the tip still.
When you can hold the tip still,
the spirit is still.

It’s funny,
I’m actually grinning as I write this,
because I know a lot of you will try it,
and I know a lot of you are going to be blinking by the end of the day.
I love a good win.

Okey dokey artichoke…
you guys and gals have a phenomenal work out.
Bring the energy of that work out to the rest of your life,
smooth out your family,
excite your coworkers,
make the dog lay on its back,


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