Building Blocks and Powerful Punches that Break Hearts!

Here is an oddity, building blocks will give you powerful punches. Check out this Pan Gai Noon video, and then I’ll tell you a story of real pain.

My most unfavorite Karate drill was the Eight Step Blocking Drill. You just did eight blocks in a row, forearm to forearm, bashing your way to bruises.
I loved the rest of the class, but I hated that martial arts drill. Fortunately, it only lasted a couple of minutes, so i would weather it, then continue on with the good stuff.
As I went up the ranks I noticed that this few minutes a couple of times a week was changing my blocks. They were getting harder and harder. Against my own belt level they stayed the same, pain and agony and I hated them. But the few times I was paired up with a lower belt, or had to teach a white belt, I would block and they would cringe.
Now, isn’t that interesting? I thought only the guys ahead of me could hurt people with their blocks!
Time went on, and I noticed that my punches were getting infected with this power. A couple of times I even had to be cautioned about hitting too hard! Me? Punching too hard? But I was just a high school kid and I thought everybody was stronger than me and I shrunk away from the idea of fighting because…because..I could hurt somebody with my punch? Now that was novel!
Now, over forty years later, I have to be extremely careful when I do a Karate block or karate punch somebody. I raise bruises, I threaten to break arms, and my punch seems to go right through…and sometimes I run an arm up the bone in my forearm. I feel all these little bumps, bone bruises that must have calcified, and I know that the drill that I hated the most is responsible for giving me blocks that work, and unstoppable, powerful punches. If you want some mugger busting, thug smashing power in your fists, drop by Monster Martial Arts and have a ball!

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