Karate Power is Really Chi Power, and Chi Power is…

I thought muscles made you strong, I thought muscles were the source of Karate Power, and I didn’t even think about this Chi Power thing.

Then I heard about an old man who had a contest with a young man, they simply held heavy weights out to the side. The young man caved in quickly, and I started thinking about energy and chi and all sort sof other stuff. Check out the video, I’m old, but I am actually projecting chi over a foot and putting out a candle. The rest of the article is below the video.

Going through the various arts, tai chi and and gigong and aikido and whatever, I found out that not many people really knew much about this concept of chi energy, jing power, qi power, or whatever you wanted to call it.

I ran into a karate instructor who could do push ups on extended single index fingers. Extended, not bent in any way. Just straight.

No shiver or quiver, just a slow push up, and…how the heck did he do that?

Eventually I was to discover that it was a matter of awareness. To be precise, it required the awareness to balance the muscles on both sides of the finger (actually in the forearm), to hold them steady, to not let them fight for control It was a balancing act of incredible magnitude, and it happened inside a finger.

So Muscles aren’t the key. Nice to have them, but they aren’t the key. ¬†Energy is the key to Chi Power, and energy is created through awareness, and awareness can be created by simple balancing acts, telling you body to do what it is supposed to do, and not fight itself. then all manner of chi power begins to exude. And the path can start through any art, but I started with Karate power, and simple one finger push ups. Drop by my site and check out the book I’ve written on Chi Power. It is called Matrixing Chi, and my site is Monster Martial Arts.

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