About the Three Month Black Belt

Black Belt Monkey

Can a Monkey Get a Black Belt?

A couple of things people should know about the Three Month Black Belt Course.
First, I know there will be furor concerning this course. Everybody will have an opinion, probably gonna be some unkind words tossed my way. I will pay attention to those words only if they come from people who have seen the course.
People who haven’t seen the course don’t know what’s on it, are basing their opinion not on facts, but on their experience, which experience is tainted by the state of the martial arts in this world.
So let’s talk about the facts behind the Three Month Black Belt Course.

I believe it was back in the seventies when I first read about the fellow who was teaching a chimpanzee Karate.
He had him up to Green Belt; apparently the fellow had taught him forms and techniques to a Green Belt level. I’m assuming here, to be broad in my definitions, that the Green Belt spoken of is approximately one/third of the way through a ‘standard’ Karate system.
A few years later I heard that the monkey was closing in on Brown Belt.
Now, I haven’t seen the monkey. My info came from articles written concerning it. Though, I have to say, there is a clever clip on the net showing the monkey in action.
And, for those who doubt, a monkey is supposed to be able to remember 600 words; to associate 600 ‘commands’ with the appropriate concepts.
I would hazard that this might be as much as 6000 if the concepts had to do with physical motion. After all, a monkey is quite expert at physical motion.
But even if the number is only 600, the fact remains that this is probably enough to remember sufficient techniques to be regard as a Green Belt.

The point of all this is that we have been taught martial arts through a monkey see monkey do method.
It is common for an instructor to tell a student to do the forms until he sees what is in them. This practice merely points to the fact that the instructor lacks the ability/language to describe exactly how to do a technique.
And it drives the martial arts into mysticism.
Mysticism is merely when there is insufficient language to describe a phenomena occurring in this universe.

What I have done in Matrixing, and through the Three Month Black Belt Course, is offer a language, a terminology, by which all the phenomena of the martial arts can be described.
No mysticism involved, this raises the arts to the level of a science.

Now, that all said, let’s discuss the student I promoted to Black Belt.
EW was instructed on the basics movements to a point where his understanding of them is far, far beyond the modern day practitioners. This is obvious when he moves into the Matrix portion of the course. Indeed, a couple of techniques in the Matrix will not be understood, and done only by luck, by even advanced practitioners.
There won’t be any argument concerning this point…EW is definitely a Green Belt, and actually far better than a Green Belt in this respect.

Now, we could make the argument that expertise in Karate is proportional to basics mastered, but that isn’t enough.
A Brown Belt is usually recognized by the development of a certain sheer, raw power. We used to say that a Brown Belt was more dangerous than a Black Belt because he had the Power, but didn’t know how to control it.
At Brown Belt EW became able to punch me across the room. You can observe the training methods, which methods are recored in part in ‘The Punch,’ which is the book I wrote on the subject.
Now, I could have taken more time on this level, and in other areas, but there is a phenomena that occurs which you should be aware of.
If you don’t reward a person when he achieves he goes onto a plateau. If you reward him…no plateau. This is a matter of precise timing and awareness as a teacher.
Done right, the student appreciated for his gains at exactly the right time, learning continues up, instead of flattening out for a period of time.
I am going against something that is terribly ingrained in the human psyche: you must make a person suffer through a level. He has to endure bruises, he has to go through a rite of passage.
The reasons for this type of thought are many, but they boil down to one factor.
A surface reason would be: instructors stretch out time of training for money.
An historical reason for this would be that there really wasn’t any other place to go. You study in sensei’s backyard, and we have nothing else to do, so let’s go over to Sensei’s house and study. And the years pas.
The real reason would be that the art was in shards and pieces, and there were so many blank spots in the art that people had to be drilled through the blank spots. Proof of this is simple: this is why people drop out.
People drop out because they don’t understand. People are particularly resilient and hardy and filled with courage, but it’s hard traveling through a tunnel when there are no lights and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. This is the effect of the art being in pieces and filled with blank spots.
I would be remiss, at this point, if I didn’t point out that Matrixing fixes that.
At any rate, Power turned on in EW, and we continued upward, in lieu of being stuck on a plateau.
Yes, there is more we can do with power–and we fully intend to–but it is more important to keep the learning curve going up–holding our sights on the Black Belt–than stopping to sniff the daisies of power.

At Black Belt EW turned on Intuition.
This was a result of holding to the path without distraction, using Matrixing to CBM his body, and not having any blank spots to slow him down or hold him back.
Intuition, in this case, can be appreciated by his loss of reaction time.
But, intuition is a vast and large subject: it is the perception of the individual waking up to who he is.
Mankind, you see, for the most part, is fairly well unconscious. Sleepwalkers. Hypnotized into thinking that they are aware, when they are not.
They are not aware if they don’t have the perceptions not associated with having a body.
Do you hear that little voice advising you? Do you pay attention to this? That is an attribute of awareness, of what is commonly referred to as a sixth sense. That little voice is not hearing, nor seeing, nor smelling…nor anything having to do with perceiving through the body.
This awareness, and it goes far beyond ‘little voices,’ is the perception of the sleeper awakened.
Now, if you want to research this, go for it, it is a subject that is…split into shards and filled with blank spots.
However, I was awakened through the Kang Duk Won, and that through the efforts of one individual who taught without distraction, and who had stumbled upon CBM naturally. That would be Bob Babich.
I have seen but rare instance of anybody else ‘waking up’ through the Martial Arts. And certainly not in a timely fashion (Three Months).
I used Matrixing to be able to do what Bob was doing using the Kang Duk Won.
Matrixing is a science that works quickly and logically to move one down the path, to a Black Belt (one signpost on the path to full awareness), and far beyond.
In the coming months I am sure EW is going to be experiencing some interesting phenomena. Dreams, lack of dreams, oddities of reaction time, oddities of perception, and so on.
I have a fairly good account of this type of thing written in ‘Entering the Third Level,’ which book is one of the Ten Master Books. It is easy to verify my words, and even to predict what people will go through once they achieve a real Black Belt, or awaken in the manner I describe.
So, is there more to do?
Good Lord, of course. You will notice that in EW’s win he talks about there being so much to learn. The sleeper awakened looks around, sees all the things he hasn’t been seeing, and wants to know it all!
Now, before I move on, let me answer a question you will be, courtesy of my words here, asking yourself sometime in the coming months.
Yes, you are asleep. Unless you have experienced the things described in Entering the Third Level, unless you have experienced a discipline designed to wake you up, you are unconscious. You have been hypnotized to believe that you are awake.
A more cruel trap could not be envisioned.
What do you do about it? Study…discipline yourself. If you are a martial artist, apply the science of Matrixing…and wake up.
On this planet, at this time, it is necessary.

Now, we are addressing the martial arts.
EW ‘awoke,’ you can see it in his eyes. I used to see it in the eyes of my fellow Black Belts at the Kang Duk Won.
An attribute I might mention, at this point, is that a fellow who has awoken does not point at himself, he merely becomes competent and capable, he fixes his eyes on targets and goes there without distraction.
That mentioned, let’s discuss what is next for EW.
We continue to work on Basics, because there is no end to basics.
We refine his Power by ‘going backwards.’ We don’t make more power by making more muscle, but by learning how to use less muscle. This is actually quite crucial, and one of the main reasons that Martial Artists stall past Black Belt. Simply, he learns how to make energy by not resisting himself, by not making great effort, but by making less effort.
If you are a Black Belt and don’t understand what I just said, then you need to go through the Three Month Karate Course, achieve what EW has achieved, and prepare for your next real step in the martial arts.
I can unstall you, get you moving, and show you how to actually create and use Chi (energy) in the martial arts. I can make you more aware.
The Next Level is going to deal exactly with making chi and using it.
If you haven’t gone through the Three Month Course…you will still have blank spots, you will still learn like a monkey memorizing, and you will not understand much of the material.

Now, let me explain one other thing here.
EW has much to learn. He knows this. But…where is he in regard to the traditional Black Belt?
This is the question that everybody is going to be asking.
Though you can’t compare the two, I can explain a couple of things to help you understand.
EW has the knowledge, more knowledge, than a Black Belt. He does not have the experience.
But he has a learning curve that is going up at near 45 degrees, compared to a Black Belt, who is going up at maybe a degree or two.
Within a few months experience won’t matter. Within a few months we are going to find out what a sleeper awakened can do.
Talk to you then.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Three Month Black Belt Course, drop by Monster Martial Arts.

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