The Worst Martial Arts Teacher You Want To Avoid So as to Find the Best Martial Arts Teacher

The upside of the worst martial arts teacher, is that if you know who he is, you’ll be able to find the best martial arts teacher.
This is actually a crucial bit of data, this qualifying of a sensei, and I have mentioned it before, but not enough, and not viciously enough. So let me really lean back and throw the haymaker to the these wanna be teachers.
Karate, taekwondo, aikido…Kung Fu, kenpo hapkido…you name the art, and somewhere in there you will find the teacher of whom I speak. Mind you, he is usually more prevalent int he harder arts, but he can be found anywhere. The way to identify him is simple: he can’t lose.
That means he can’t lose a point, he can’t allow the student to win, unless it is in a manner which elevates him.
He is not teaching, you seeing, he is gathering people to him and dominating them.
This lessens the art.
Let me tell you the truth about this right now: if an instructor can’t let a student win, and even rejoice when that student gets a point on him, he is not a real teacher.
The student should be able to , after a period of instruction which is not overly long, get points on his teacher!
The student is younger, faster, and that he can get a point shows that he has learned, therefore the teacher has taught.
You get a guy who gets a little grumpy and irritated if his student is scoring on him…run. He is getting mad because somebody is learning, and that is not a good sign.
So, examine your instructors, inspect your teachers, analyze your sensei. If he doesn’t like people to win…go somewhere else.
I don’t care how many trophies he has, or how good he sounds…the truth is in his ability to elevate his students–not beat them.
If you want some more hard core data on what really makes a martial arts teacher, check out The Master Instructor Course at Monster Martial arts. Guaranteed, this stuff is not taught anywhere else, and it will totally undo the worst Martial Arts teacher in the world, no matter where you find him.

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